Doctor Helen vs Madam Ashley …

A titanic battle, I’d say!

One extremely dominant and dominating, – you KNOW her!


You’ve read enough about her, and she features heavily in 11 Missed Femdom Recollections.

“I dont like sucking dick, boy, but you have to give me head!”

On the head note – “why I can’t see the HEAD, boy!” (remember, Madam was a nurse, an actual nurse at a chinese hospital, and she didnt know about phimosis! Hehe).

Then, of course this –

“Wash before sex, boy! Women dont need to, men do!”

Not that, of course, we ever had sex!

Yours truly sissy, well, you know the story there – if not, do a search, and / or get the book above (well, the book above you MUST GET!).

But lets switch tacks – talk about a certain Helen!

She’s been mentioned here before, what I did not mention is she’s a Doctor in her home land (Eastern Europe, let us say!) – – and she’s teaching English in China now (dont ask, hehe).

And we were discussing this and that, and travel during the current holidays, which Mike Watson does NOT do – too much traffic, too many cars, and so forth!

I’d rather stay put at home, I’m the happiest there, preferably in a frilly skirt. Hehe.

Madam (Helen) had gone to Guangzhou though ONCE during the holidays, she was talking about the usual chaos, pandemonium, how the green signal on the dumbphone (for covid) wasn’t showing up …

And of course, for her “permanent makeup!” .


Naturally, being the sissy I am, I asked her about it.

“I went there to renew my permanent makeup since the girl who normally does it is leaving China within a matter of weeks!”

I giggled.

“Now, thats why I call you Princess!”

Hehe, travelin gto a different city for makeup! Which apparently involves something like “Russia tattoo in upper layers of your skin” – whatever that is?

Any sissy know? I doubt it, hehe.

Then we spoke about eyebrows, doing them, I told her about how one ex girlfriend wanted me to do them, the gay guy that did ’em, giggled about it, and how that was the only time I ever did ’em. Hehe.

Truly, this sissy thinks men should be NATURAL!

i.e. the “metrosexual”  “in the middle” trend you see these days – fetish aside, I’ve often foun dit rather unnatural, much like the muscle monster at the gym look so many guys love!

I wasn’t shy about telling Madam that.

She wasn’t shy about saying this –

You men are blessed to be handsome without any extra things such as makeup, hair dying, manicure, pedicure etc ..

You wake up, take a shower, voila! You’re perfect!

Manicure and Pedicure woul dbe a good idea for every man, nothing “gayish” about that!

Of course – she is right.

I hate labels, I’ve said that before!

But still, I didnt mean “gayish”, I explained it…

She’s right too. Haha. Those men with dirty asses, those men that crap in bed, expect their women to clean it up. Ugh. Men can sometimes indeed be the nastier of the genders, often are!

Then I asked her about me.

She giggled like a schoolgirl, which she said I made her feel like.

“You are in a perfect middle!”

Indeed. Lovely perfect sissy hole too – it truly IS perfect!

And that lovely dick I wrote TOMES ABOUT! Hehe.

(I’m being flat out honest on BOTH those things).

But anyway, we discussed Madam Ashley, and Doctor Helen wasn’t happy at all.

“I wonder if she washed her hands before going to patients!” 

Probably not, thats China for you!

And of course, then we spoke more about it, unhygenic habits, and how hygiene is important for EVERYONE – women and men included!

Listen, if you expect someone to go down on you, you cannot be smelling nasty.

That goes for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN!

Men with boogers and “dongles” or whatever they call the “wedgies” in ass – ugh, just UGH!

And women that dont shower, same…

Hygiene – i s- always paramount!!!!

More so when you’re playing, my friend, because the various scenarios that arise – you can really, really harm yourself if you’re not HYGENIC about things first and foremost – should add that to “SSC” i.e. SSCH!

Anyway, hygiene, sissies, is nigh important!

I’m still waiting for Madam Yiyi to give me that lesson on housework!

“I dont like doing, but I’m very good at it, boy!”

No prizes for guessing where I’ll practice my new found skills. Hehe.

When, well, I’ll let you know!

And for yo ubudding sissies out there that want to learn the overall dos and don’t of being a REAL sissy that women WANT and like – well, pick up Sissy Central right NOW.

And start implementing!


Mike Watson

PS – Even better, the Sissy Reader – 3 in 1 for YOU, sissy boy! (girl, hehe).

PS #2 – Although Dr Helen and Madam Ashley are on opposite ends of the spectrum now, I suspect they’d gang up on me anyway…


Indian Goddess style!

Even though neither like the way a lot of Indians “eat”, and one doesnt like how Chinese eat, and the other, well, she’s got weird theories about culture “your eyes not American!” (apparently because I dont have blue eyes…TIC i.e. this is China). Hehe.

But they’re both Queens, trust me!

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