How DARE I question a police officer! That too one of the Chinese origin!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

I’d bend down and lick your shiny shoes if you wanted me to, to be honest. Perhaps the setting didnt allow us to do it, but that probably what I would have done, and what you wanted!

And I’d be slapped all day by you too, hehe.

Anyway, back in the day …

Yours truly used to visit Hong Kong a LOT back in the day.

Those were the days they stamped us in instead of issuing the little “landing slip” they do now.

And those were teh days where one of HK’s finest apparently forgot to stamp the entry date on the passport.

They had to stamp it twice, for whatever reason upon entry back then. Cumbersome indeed, probably why it got replaced later with the white landing slip. Saved a ton of passport pages too I must say – those stamps were big!

And red, hehe.

Anyway, so upon exiting, naturally, they couldn’t figure out when I entered.

And their systems should have had it, but didnt, and I was sent in for some routine questioning.

Of course, stamp #2 was there, so they could tell it was an error on their part, but either way … they made me wait a while.

Finally, a confident young police women walked up to me.

“We’ve rectified this”, she said. “But you may have problems entering the next time!”

(because their system rectified this as a special case, and sure enough, often times I was pulled aside fo rquestioning due to NO fault of mine when I re-entered HK – this continued until I finally “done got the red ass” (real red ass, hehe, not Madam’s paddle on my ass and balls) .. and got a new passport. With a new number!)

but anyway, I got irritated.

Had been a long day.

“Why should I have to suffer for no fault of mine”, I went. And I was pissed. I was thinking of suing the immigration department!

It’s all about vibes.

My irritated vibe showed, and you should have seen the ANGER flare in Madam’s eyes!

Until then it was more “quietly confident”, boy!

It wasn’t that I was being out of line technically. I had a perfect right to say what I was. They knew it.

But … she was superior, boy!

How DARE I question her!

And I still remember her eyes probing into my back as I left!


Paye Lagu, Madam! I wish I could meet you one of these days – and lick your shoes – in public!


mike Watson

PS – I’ve often met other immigration officers in China I’d like to dot hat too, most notably one who laughed at my “torn” passport booklet. Right there, in immigrtion. Chinese ladies are nothing if not UBER dominant! And I love them for it, and that is why the vast majority of my tales have been on Chinese femdom – – they deserve it and then some!!

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