“Your foot just like girls!”

This is going to be a short one, sissies, hopefully!

Fellow (lady) sissies, I should say, says the head sissy. Hehe.

A long time ago, I remember a friend caustically noting the same about another, who ran a website, and we were all part of the admin team, but he was rather overbearing about it!

“The General, The Pope, The self appointed Head Wanker” went a certain Uncle Bob … Hehe.  

(he was referring to certain private plans WE had, and not telling the head wanker).

That term fits me so well, I’m truly that!

On that note, I once asked Carol, who after waking Ma’am up early in the morning to go climb with her, my dick was hard, I asked her how to do. Hehe.

“How we do!” Carol often asked me a question in this insanely cute Chinglish (Chinese English) manner!

And – I’d smile, and this question I asked her?

“You do yourself!” 

I giggled, just kept the conversation going, asked how…

You can use your hand“, she whispered slyly into the phone. Hehe (it was early in the morning yet, my duty when she wasn’t sleeping over having her feet pressed was to call her and wake her up – shades of Madam Pearl, no less!).

Truly the Pearl of the Orient was / is Madam Carol, that book is still in the offing (along with “Joyce, the ULTIMATE QUEEN!”)

If you want it QUICk, let me know!

But anyway ………….

This from a lady who told me “never go to sex worker, boy! It’s very dirty!”

I often wonder, as a certain significant other once told me, “are women each other’s worst enemies?”

The question begets, as does this one ..

(I mean, think about it, there is so much abuse of women BY WOMEN – the very people you’d think would emphathize, but they dont! Women are indeed strange – yet WONDERFUL “beasts” in a good way! – and I so love sissying around for them, sashaying, going to gay bars, and so forth. THEIR THINKING, SO NICE!)

“Your foot just like girls!” 

That came out of nowhere. Hehe.

I think so, at least, when I was asking about her feet!

And I wrote about that before (since that night I didnt press her feet, so nicely smelling of leather even AFTER a shower, so I had to ask, I did!).

But thats an interesting question!

Most “real men” I;ve noticed have long and narrow feet.

It’s the sissies and cuckolds that have the BROAD (and sometimes large) feet!

I’ve noticed that, toes splayed out too … looks SO sexy on a girl, but sissies and cucks have it too!

So, question for you – do you agree?

Are YOUR feet “nice and broad” too, “like girls foot”? 

Write back, let me know!


Mike Watson

PS – Lovely lady Miss V, she was SO NICE! Here is where you can read a tale devoted to her! – Miss V Beauty Salon!

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