Why people love my books SO MUCH!

It isn’t just writing in the flow.

It isn’t just because my books truly ARE “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license”, as opposed to “creative license mostly” with a blend of reality.

Never that with me!

A long time, publishers in the UK that I worked with (great guys!) – had the following on their site with regard to submissions “keeping one foot in the real world”.

Now, this is true!

For the most part, I dont think anyone wants to read femdom – or any sort of fiction that is scarcely even BELIEVABLE, for one!

If you get my drift …

I.e. “pressing Madam’s feet for 24 hours on end, looking at her soles all day literally”, and other such lurid sexy fantasies are great, but they are just that – fantasies!

REAL life – and REAL FEMDOM- now thats something else, entirely more fulfiling in my book (pun intended, and not!) – therefore all my writings!

But more than that, there is the X factor.

And this X factor, my friend, can be something which ALL of you men can get – if you so choose!

It comes from being CHASTE – for months, maybe years on end!

It comes from realizing that your dick is there just for release, but you stay horny infinitely, for days or months on end anyway, and if you workout like I do – well, you’ll really understand what staying horny means, especially when you’re attracting femdom to you left right and center and then some!

Which I do anyway, but my chastity, usually self imposed, strict control, WITHOUT devices of any nature unless Madam wants – is a huge, huge reason behind this.

I just never cum!

And I TRANSMUTE that energy into my work – thus the crackle and X factor, and THAT is really why people dont just like my books and writings – and manuals – THEY LOVE THEM AND CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THEM, right down to the caps. Hehe.

Y’all know Pablo by now eh.

Nah, his partner is not into femdom – as yet.

But, I asked him anyway! Hehe.

All good, haha. Noted with regard to femdom – nah, I was kidding there – but DO enjoy the weekend with your lady – welcome “break” I’m sure! Just wouldnt “resist” the cage, you mean you would be up for it, or not? Hehe. Chastity is actually GREAT in many regards (male chastity) – though staying truly chaste can be hard – pun intended! 

Response – –

I think that if my partner asked me I would try it, but I don’t think I could stand chastity for long, especially when there are exciting things going on around me. I think it’s a good way to get to know yourself, your limits, your strengths and weaknesses. I admire those who are encouraged to go through with it and even more those who enjoy seeing happiness in others. THAT’S GREAT! 

Indeed – seeing happiness on others faces, Madam or Sir – is what it is all about!!! TRULY SO!

THAT is what gets me off, her SATISFACTION!

Chastity, yes – but once you get beyond a certain point, you’ll truly see how you can “channelize” male sexual energy into CREATIVE pursuits – or other pursuits.

Ever notice how boxers and wrestlers for one “refrain” from sex before a big match? There is a reason for this, and its not just “energy” – it’s “sexual transmutation”. The great Napelon hill wrote about this in Think and Grow Rich i.e. use the “desire” to do better work – “put it into your work!’ And – most of my books were written CHASTE, hehe – for months on end – probably another reason why you love them – so now, you get the drift! Hehe. Mike

So do y’all, I believe!

I’ve been writing about this forever, and its another reason to get my books on ruined orgasmsnipplegasms – and of course, the holy grail – – SISSYGASMS!

Trust me, once you incorporate and make THESE three – the BIG THREE a part of your life – there ain’t no going back, and the sheer pleasure, accomplishment – sense of JOY AND LUST you feel all day long?

NIGH INCOMPARABLE to anything out there, trust me!

Get on the train NOW, friend.



Mike Watson

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