Husband swapping!

We hear about wife swapping a lot, don’t we?

But why not HUSBAND swapping?

Last night, I had this dream. Constant dream of something, some URL or something …

And a certain book being sold, and a PURPLE line …

And while I didnt write the dream down, and while I cannot remember it right now (mistake – but I DO remember thinking about HUSBAND swapping upon waking up, so maybe that was the dream!) … I gotta talk about husband swapping.

I’ve often been loaned out to other women.

Literally loaned out, like chattel, and I’m sure Madam Carrie for one made some money off me that way!

So did the lovely Sophia Bai.

So did Miss V most likely, because she didnt have to hire her regular “ayi” (maid) for the salon!


And they’re right.

And husbands, at least the cucks, shouldn’t be loaned out for sex.

Of course not!

“Who does the housework the best!”

“Who polishes shoes and cleans dishes the best!”

“Who COOKS, cleans and massages the best!”

These should be the critera for these lovely dominant women, and Chinese women truly understood it the best!

And I love them for it.

Paye Lagu, Madam … all of you!

You are truly the best!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up our tales of Chinese femdom right HERE.

PS – I’ve been itching to look at the picture of the lovely cock I spoke about in the last email, and I’m going to go look at it now!

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