Madam Carrie, perfect Madam CARRIE! – and … ” it might take a couple of days longer to finish the translation because I have some family commitments over the weekend (just like Madame Carrie and Mike, my girlfriend and I are moving in together for the weekend).”

Hey, Pablo – I dont blame you for that one!

IF she’s moving in, then …

Ah, but wait!

Let me back up, hehe.

First off, Madam Carrie – Volume TWO has been officially translated into Spanish by one of our readers, who loves these books SO much that he stops “only to sleep” – and even then, gets up as quick as possible to not just translate, but finish READING the books as he so much enjoys!

As I said in that last email, truly as fast as me – almost! Hehe.

Hi Mike, as I told you last night, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making progress with the book. (i finished it and uploaded it) Reading it had me hooked so I didn’t want to stop doing the translation. I have a theory that you make fast progress with translations when you really enjoy the text you are working with, and this has been the case. I really hope we can continue to work together whenever you want and need it.

From the horse’s mouth!

Yours truly –

Hi Pablo Thanks for your message – the translation was perfect! Yes, I completely agree; it’s far easier and quicker to translate WELL when you LOVE the material being translated – so thanks in that regard as well! If possible, please send me a brief “review” as a reader for Vol #2 as well (which I’ve now uploaded …. (rest chopped, N/A)

So, he then sent the review over.

my review of the book: in this second volume you can get a much broader and more detailed view of what female domination meant in the “relationship” between Mike and Madame Carrie.

I like how it has been described as it leaves aside the point of view of the one who is dominated to know how it feels and what things the one who dominates enjoys.

As happened in volume 1, the appearance of new characters leaves you wanting to know if from now on all of Mike’s relationships will be one of domination and if there will be someone else in the relationship either female or male to achieve orgasms in Mike or carnal sexual exploration in Madame Carrie.

The reading is dynamic, it shows you that an erotic reading does not have to be purely pronographic since as much importance is given to the background of the story and the reality of the characters as to the details of female domination. Great work by the writer who leaves you wanting more. I HOPE YOU FIND MY REVIEW USEFUL MIKE, IT IS NEITHER MORE NOR LESS, WHAT I THINK ABOUT THE STORY YOU TELL US.

Now THAT is a real review – like all his others!

Like he says, completely honest, from the HEART!

Anyway, I gotta say, folks.

If Madam Carrie has inspired HIM to move in with his girlfriend – and hopefully get her into femdom if she isn’t already?

Then – job HALF DONE!

I mean, thats the main reason I do all this – not so much the money which I make as a side effect, but the great part about getting books etc out – all over the world – and introducing more and more people to real femdom!

But hey, Pablo said that too!

 love doing this and I do it more for the passion to keep progressing in my knowledge of the English language than for what can be obtained economically. I only hope to help writers to have their works read by people in countries they never thought of. Thank you again for these opportunities you are giving me. Cheers Pablo

And then this –

I added some keywords because many people in Spanish write without accents and many words seemed appropriate, taking into account what I had read in the text.

This dude is truly one of the most professional translators I’ve EVER had – he’s truly interested in his work – and added in several great keywords for the book I missed!

Anyway, yours truly …

Hey Pablo

Thats interesting to hear about your girlfriend and you i.e. “like Madam Carrie and Mike!” … very interesting indeed! Is she also into femdom? Hehe, just curious … If so, make sure she allows you freedom to translate the book when she’s “done” with you – hahahaha….

LOL – just kidding buddy.

But either way – great news, and no problem on the extra couple of days required – all good.

And the review is perfect – yes, THAT is what I wanted i.e. what you REALLY felt as a reader – and that is what you gave me, so YES – that is what I wanted – it works for me! Thanks.

Yes, “topping from the bottom” occurs often in BDSM which I feel is not real femdom (or maledom if thats the case). It’s one thing to discuss boundaries etc, but quite another to “tell the other person what to do ” – when madam should be the one “deciding”!

And yes, to me erotica always has been and WILL BE about the mind – as I keep telling people, the sexiest of people can be BORING without the right mindset, which makes it no use – – and vice versa! If only people would “get it”, hehe, but glad to see you do!

Yes, I make sure as I said in one of my last emails to make sure my books develop character background etc – and it’s more “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” unlike most other books in this genre (or fiction in general) … You’ll love Volume 3 – and then 4 too, hehe. I’m sure you’ll do great work for both!

Enjoy your weekend – and yes, send over the “offer for Volume 3” – will approve when I get it.

Cheers, Mike

Well, my friend, I had to share all that with you NOW!

If you ain’t already, then GET this book my friend – all the Volumes NOW. Truly SO WORTH IT, as are all my other works!


Mike Watson

PS. – Also available in compilation format HERE.

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