Why blue fingernails turn this sissy on … SO!

In Sissy Central I wrote about pink and red being colors being the one every SISSY should be WELL Accquainted with, and it’s true.

Truly the most lovely and feminine colors, but I didnt mention BLUE!

which is one of my favorite colors anyway, sissy or not – and right now, I’d kiss Madam Judy’s feet … those lovely hands, UNMANICURED – thick hands – and the fingers still painted blue!

I wrote about perfect Madam Jiji sending me into paraxoyms of sissy lust before. 

But Judy, she doesnt even know it.

Maybe she does.



Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! You ALL know, thats why you’re the best at femdom!

Anyway … the fingers weren’t manicured either. Thick, kinda like Pooja Memsahib’s rough hands I felt on my cheeks, both ass and otherwise so often!

And it turned me on so!

it’s never about beauty, makeup, anything – it’s not about her weight, age, height, or even gender sometimes! Its about a woman’s MIND, boy – it saddens me to see so many men not getting it and even a lot of the ones that they say they do don’t get it, boy!

Anyway …

Blue, I dont know why it turns me on so!

Maybe its more gleaming in a way.

Maybe it’s different, more exotic – and I like DARK blue the most!

Maybe it signifies passion other than pure lust – and as y’all know, I like that more!

Passion leads to lust – the reverse isn’t necessarily true lifewise.

And blue just complements Asian/or fair skin so well!

I dont know.

It’s driving me insane right now, so I had to write this!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI! You’re the best!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the best course on sissygasms here, and if you wanna worship cocks – learn how to do it RIGHT first.

Either do it right, or not at all, boy!

And maybe thats why the links here are all BLUE, though I Could have changed it ! 😉

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