Paye lagu, Pooja Memsahib… JI! It’s never enough, it never should be!

I’ve been thinking about Indian ladies’s feet! Or, dreaming you could say – but not really.

Last night, I saw so many pairs of Indian feet – Indian dominant ladies, I believe … all showing nothing but their feet!

Their lovely feet, their feet smacking their slaves SQUARE in the balls, their feet being worshipped, and many other things!

Even groveling slaves sending them money, which is how it should be, of course!

And they were lovely feet.

But the point begets – these lovely ladies would probably make so much more if they showed their faces, which they seem to “blank out”?

I dont know, I wrote about that before. Maybe it’s because it’s illegal in India? But I dont think so … It’s that in many jurisdictions including the Middle East, but a Domina is a Domina anywhere!

Maybe they dont want others to know.

But that doesnt make sense either. Men, I sorta get it, but women aren’t really that shy about this sort of thing, and neither should they be!

Anyway, maybe the crime rate, maybe just a cultural thing!

Who knows – they’re Goddesses anyway !

And as I was thinking – just thinking – this morning about another Indian Goddess I talk about a lot – Pooja Memsahib – an older Goddess, possibly the MOST dominant ever (hint – there is a reason why I Say the books on her are blase and debase – if you thought the Indian Goddess series and Garima Madam series was something, you got another think coming … BOY!)

Anyway …

This morning, I was thinking about Pooja Memsahib Ji for a reason!

It’s never enough for her, as I say in the book.

And it shouldn’t be!

And this brings to mind an odd video I saw last night on Youtube (something which I dont do a lot of at all ) – yes, I know. The whole world has moved to video, yours truly – I still prefer the written word.

I can count on one hand the number of videos I watch in a YEAR and thats a lot!

Anyway, (and I’m talking long video, not short femdom clips etc) – so there was this lady lyin on the couch.

Lovely Indian “thick legs!”

Lovely feet , toes painted orange!

Madam Priyanka taught me a little something about “Hindi” movies, but I dont know – maybe she was an actress? Sonam Kapoor? I dont know, she was ravishing and gorgeous, those LEGS!


My S.O once said (while sniffing).

So what, boy! Put shorts on any girl, she’ll become a Goddess like that.

(this was when talking about Priyanka Chopra, another Indian actress I believe).

I wanted to say this, but I didnt …

Thats thep oint, Madam Ji!

All girls are such Queens and Goddesses if they let themselves be!

Anyway, a guy was pressing her feet. The right way! A submissive sort of dude, and as he “finally” got up to play X box or what not?

Madam raises a foot to his face.

It’s never enough, boy!

She didnt say it, but she might as well have, as he continued pressing.

And thats why I thought of Pooja.

And as I did, a while later, I “heard” the gravely voice. “Sabji Le!”


It was never enough for her.

And coming from the imporvished background she did, I can understand why ….

But really, foot massage, ass worship, some amount of scat worship, extreme cuckolding and degradation – it’s all there in this series.

And if any of the above turns you on, and obviously it does or you would not be here – well – get on the train – NOW!

And last, but not least?

There’s only one thing to say.

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!

You’re truly superior and dominant, and so it shoudl be!



PS – The books on Pooja Memsahib, you ask? Right HERE.

PS #2 – The video I spoke about above? IT seems to be some Indian investment app – and disclaimer – no, I have NOT used it, and no, I dont endorse it or not. But, they’ve got creative and innovative with their ads. In a country like India, any ad like that should be encouraged, and by extension their creators and companys giving the women their DUE!

Such a Goddess, that girl is! Paye Lagu, Madam! Shed probably be kicking me away for too MANY foot massages, hehe.

“Ja! Bhag!”

Ms. Priyanka did it so well!

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