The solution to making my bitchy SO (very) happy when she wants SEX and I want to just be humiliated under her FEET!

And while the feet by themselves aren’t that attractive – real foot fetish and femdom lovers KNOW it’s the SOLE – and her ATTITUDE that matters, boy (remember Madam Susan? Talk to my soles, boy, not me!) . . . I saw her dangling sole again.

Of course, she’s bored.

She’s in a bitchy mood.

These dominant “bitches” (and I’m saying this so nicely) really often – always – are!

And one leg over the other, sole visible as I went to do my pull-ups, and Madam is of course, giggling at the soap opera she’s watching, Korean girls and stuff, but she’s ANNOYED.


I can tell.

But she knows, with me, it’s a waste of time.

She knows all I’ll want is her soles.

And the only way I can even get it up (or keep it up forever) for long enough for HER – is to talk cocks and feet, and she doesn’t want that now.

She wants to be ravaged – by a REAL MAN.

I said before she’s looking for cucks, but studs as well!

Always on the outlook for both, and BOTH have to prove themselves worthy first because guess what.

IT’s always about money boy!

And anyway, YOU the femdom lover and cuckold no doubt experience this in your life daily. i.e you want her to dominate you, but NEVER ask you for sex!

In fact, you’d love for HER to take you.

“Wife taking the husband, boy!” 

My S.O. once joked about that as she shoved a rough finger in. Ouch!

And you’d love for her to make you suck cock and talk other mens dick and balls!

Andk iss her legs!

“You’re gay, boy! You only like boy’s penis!” 

Again, true, and what she said – also true!

Anyway, every time she’s in this mood?


And that solves it for the nonce, and why?

Because money, boy, are why women are into it, even the ones with real men! 

Trust me, it’s ALL About money, boy!

And the sooner you can get that through the noggin, the FASTER you’ll be on your way to obtaining what it is you want – i.e. real femdom.

Thats just one of the tips, of course, in the pathbreaking book on it, which cucks, you must grab now.

If you’re serious, that is!

And if you’re not, I’d rather you unsubscribe.

Clog your plumbing, but not the list. Hehe.

Last, but not least?

As Madam Pearl so well taught me (taught me so well, hehe) …

The gift of a findom is the gift that keeps giving. 

Both for you. And HER!

Should be HER and you!

Because she will never be satisfied, and she shouldn’t. Her demands will ALWAYS increase, usually exponentially – with your lust – as it should!


Like Mistress Sadie once told me,

I will use you and leave you out to dry, boy!

Just like those re-used condoms I love SO MUCH!

So thats it. Back soon!



PS – Remember to pick up Submissive Musings in Mainland China (findom) in a compilation format while you’re at it. Truly paradise for findom lovers.

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