10% off SPECIAL

Big news – – in fact, big, big news.

I’ve noticed that the sales page on the “Indian Goddess” series, as well as a few others on the website are going BONKERS in terms of sales.

Them skyscrapers (Amazon ranks sales/day on a “skyscraper” basis graphically if you get my drift), and them lines just keep going up, up and UP.

And while I’m literally REELING right now – – not just from those sales, but also from my conversation with Madam Jojo today – I swear, if there was ONE gal that had that kinda effect on me RIGHT OFF THE BAT, without even meeting it – – it was Princess Joanie, and also perhaps Ms. Priyanka (but I met her, of couse, hehe) – – and Madam Jojo is but an older version of these two, and perhaps even intense in many, many ways.

And it’s in her HONOR that I’ve decided to do something I don’t normally do – that being to have a “10 % offer” special.

That’s right. Lots of you have been purchasing via Amazon, and this here is an incentive (if you so choose, hehe) to temporarily direct your purchases HERE – at a somewhat lower price too, hehe.

Of course if you choose to stick with Amazon for the nonce, no skin off my nose. It’s actually better for me in many regards as that exposes Mike Watson to a lot of other potential CUSTOMERS, but hey, to you guys on my list – I think it’s high time I gave you a special offer as well — and said THANK you – – for being on the list – – and for being customers (those that are!) — and this is but one way of me “giving back”, hehe.

This offer is valid on ALL products – once per customer. To avail of it, enter in the following code “Madam10” (without the quotes) right below the price block on the order page (right where it says “click here if you have a discount code”) – – and you should be all SET!

Let me know how it goes.

As for regular programming, I’ll be back with some tomorrow – – and I’ll be back with tales of how I wish Madam Jojo was getting one of her favorite back rubs – -right now!


Mike Watson

P.S. – By the way, this offer is only going to be valid until April 23, 2020, and based upon demand I might pull it even before then. So HURRY now – and get your hands on as many products as you can while the offer is still GOOD. Coupon code is Madam10. Have at!!

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