Her perfect, CONTEMPTOUS and DUSTY soles … and her perfect pedicured foot … BOY!

I’m in over my head. Paye Lagu, Perfect Memsahib … JI!

Madam … JI!

And as Madam sat there, today’s the tale of the THREE Indian Goddessses, that will no doubt make it to anothe redition of “Indian Femdom Recollections”.

As I was out there in the park exercising doing pull-ups, I saw foot – 1.

Contemptous and dusty the sole was, and she was sitting on the bench, sole under her thigh directly pointed at me, the DUST beckoning to me, and all I could think about was being made to lick the dust off her feet, as well as receive several backhanded slaps from her working class HANDS!

(The middle Toe was longer, with a RING on it. These Indian Goddesses, and their jewelry, rings, anklets etc! Oh, my!)

(The BALL of the foot was even grimier! Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI! YOU are always the one andonly BOSS!)

Her TOUGH and ROUGH hands, SMACK!!

Learn your place, boy! You think you can boss us maids around!

(now, this was an Indian lady and likely one of the overworked maids we keep hearing about!).

And I gotta say this, as the foot kept staring at me, I DO agree – she should punish me for the other “employers”, and then some!

Paye Lagu Goddess JI!

Did I say that five times already??

Well, perhaps. But it’s still LESS, boy!

Foot – 2, around the same time. A perfect pedicured foot and if there is ever an email or comminique for me that sums up foot fetish and femdom nigh on perfectly, it is TODAY’s.

Perfect and pedicured. A young lady compared to the older lady earlier.

Lovely pink nailpolish … oh … boy!

And I know I’m not worthy to kiss either the perfect foot or the dusty sole!

Lady #2 was young, but she reminded of me of who?


The first one and her working class hands reminded me of Garima Madam (of course, her hands were not working class once I met her – they were usually eitehr imprinted on my face or on Master Jerome’s LONG black COCK – and those lovely balls of his – truly worship worthy!! – or in the salon. Hehe).

Miss V’s salon, perhaps. 😉

But it was a long, long time ago …

Yours truly saw an Indian employer WAYYYY back in teh day when he was growing up in the Indian subcontinent come home from shopping with her kids.

And she called the servant out, who unforunatenly was a minor.

Terrible that such practices STILL Exist in the subcontinent!!

Anyway the servant’s job was to bring Madam and her kids the “house shoes!”

And Madam, while she didnt make him take the shoes off, just took her shoes off, kicked them away, walked into the home wearing the lovely CLEAN slippers the servant just brought.

Yours truly would give anything to be that servant – Paye Lagu, Perfect Aunty … as they call older ladies in India – JI!

And of course, the third lady I saw, also while doing pull-ups, also an Indian lady.

Looked with irritation at me not wearing a mask, turned her back to me as I kept doing pull-ups, but didnt hide her grimy CRACKED soles.

And I wish I could rub lotion onthem all night long for her!

She deserves it. All ladies deserve it! And Indian ladies have that special brand of femdom only THEY can adminster!

More on this later, but for now, be sure to pick up our cracking and immensely popular tales on Indian femdom right here.

You’ll LOVE IT, boy!


Mike Watson

PS – Be sure and pick up the book on TRUE INDIAN FEMDOM recollections right HERE.

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