Ralph Waldo Emerson, female domination, and why GOOD things ALWAYS COME IN THREE’S!

I’ve no doubt that perfect Mistress Sophia, for one KNOWS my level of devotion and submission to her, as she deserves.

She knows, despite not having met. Thoughts transmute! And if one FOREARM can arouse this much submissiveness … well!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

Even though your mother and you are “two”, I’m sure there will be a third soon, at which point this will truly take off (the submission to YOU).

Of course, Mommy will command, but so will you!

Much like perfect Madam Aa Ling, who I’ve written a book about too.

But anyway, good things come in three’s – ya’ll probably heard that one.

Have you heard of the “Sage of Concord” though?

Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the great and most spiritual minds of the century and being there are few things more spiritual than true and utter CRAVEN submission, you should have!

Most (especially those of you here to get your rocks off) – haven’t.

But anyway … in his Laws of Compensation, he writes thus

  • Every stroke shall be repaid, every lash a badge of honor …
  • If you are serving an Ungrateful Master, serve him more, for compound interest upon compound interest is the rate of this exchequer!

He didnt write the good things come in three’s part, that comes from the Middle Ages.

Coincidences I do NOT believe in!

Anyway, much like the clock is strikin a multiple of 3 writing this, and much like I told you three things which you “here to get your rocks off” have ignored, impatiently waiting for the good stuff, here it is.

Emerson had “evil” and good in mind when he wrote this.

Not femdom, where true submissives want ungrateful (so called) Master’s and Mistresses!

Hehe. It turns us on more, and should!

Or, that we necessarily want to repaid for the lashes, or that we dont want to wear it as badge of honors!

Or, badge of honor. Hehe.

Personally, I consider it a great honor to have submitted and continue to submit fully to some many women , whom some may called depraved.

If perfect Madam Sophie told me right now to bury my face in her divine shit on a plate? 

I’d do it!

SSC, so I wouldn’t eat it, but I’d do it and rub my nose in it, and I’d do whatever else she told me to do with it.

Giving her my bank account, or money is of course a prelim, that Princess Joanie and so many others did so expertly!

Anyway, Emerson writes about “good begetting good” and that “riches accumulated” wrongly always come back to bite the receiver in the ass, and THAT, my friends, is why people like “Thomas” who expect to “pay to play” are sadly misguided, and grade A idiots wanting “free stuff” to boot.

Note that true femdom lovers will want to learn how to attract so that both parties enjoy and derive equal benefit!

Alas a lot of you on this list are here just to get your rocks off.

Which is why a lot of you, and Id bet MOST are NOT satisfied with your current relationships.

‘Tis true, my friend.

‘Tis true.

And if you’re interested in listening to the abyss whereth lieth your soul and true desires, learn how to speak with hers – FIRST.

Not through deed, action or word so much as the VIBE.

Learn here.


Mike Watson

PS – Emerson was a true GURU!

PS #2 – The trinity of domination, I should say! If you notice, in all my books and courses, there are usually instances where THREE women dominate at a time. For instance, the cover of Humiliation Central (the paperback). Or perhaps Sophia Bai, Angel, and Madam Su! Or, perhaps Madam Susan, her friend and Madam Carrie

‘Tis true, my friend. It’s true!

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