The FIRST thing you see every morning . . .

I’ve spoken often about the first thing you see every morning or the first thing you THINK about every morning.

Or, at night, before going to bed

Or, when you wake up in the middle of the night on occasion, honry as heck perhaps on occasion . . .

If it’s something important to you, something you really, really want, chances are it’ll be at the back of your mind without you even knowing it.

Chances also are you, you’re attracting it to you right NOW, except you probably don’t know it! ?

Or you can’t recognize the signs . . .

And this doesn’t just hold true for BDSM. Holds true for life as well.

This morning, as yours truly woke up (I sleep on the floor, and Madam on the bed!) guess what I saw first.

Her lovely sole in exactly the SAME position that I wrote about the other day, except this time It was almost saying “good morning to me!”

And I almost “dropped to my knees” there and did my Paye Lagu routine.

And prostrated myself in front of her . . . almost . . . and this was WITHOUT HER DOING anything fetish related.

All she was doing was turning on her computer, and giving me a glimpse of that lovely sole, and the LEGS it’s connected to.

Is it any coincindence that I speak of REPETITION all the time in terms of conditioning?

Someone once said that if you repeat a lie enough times and with enough conviction, people (most, at least) will accept it as the truth.

From the World wars to TV advertisements, to what your favorite pop star (or soap opera, or whatever) says all the time – this holds true.

As Claude Bristol said, repetition truly IS the cadence of the Universe. It is the tap tap of the machine gun that mows down any and all opposition in front of it. The rhythmic chuff chuff of the locomotive that gets it to wheever it wants to be.

Chinese water torture. Drip, drip, drip.

Water bearing down rock. Little by little, one day at a time . . .

You get the point!

And in terms of femdom if you truly want to attract real femdom to you, then you need to start conditioning yourself my friend.

To truly “believe it deeply” at your CORE, as I lay out in my book on it.

(Here is the book – and yes, it IS a PAID purchase – I look upon it as an investment though – an investment that pays for itself in SPADES and then some! – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland)

And back to the topic.

Start thinking femdom my friend. That’s really the topic.

You may never get to the point where looking at your SO’s soles is enough to make you orgasm or damn near without touching her feet, or doing ANYTHING at all other than think!

Or, the mere mention of being ass fucked causing you to leak, and the muscles around your sphincter to contract . . .

But you WILL get close, and who knows – you might be the next Mike Watson out there writing about yourself, and educating others on how to serve women like they truly DESERVE to be!


Mike Watson

PS – And that’s what makes it all worth it!

PS #2 – Be sure and check out our nifty little book on Indian Femdom Recollections (more experiences like this) right HERE.

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