The Trump Rump, and the Bozo Schofield connection

No, this has nothing to do with erstwhile prez Donald Trump – whose a great guy – has my full endorsement, and always has!

It isn’t about the size or shape of his posterior either, and neither his dick (I’ll leave that to Stormy Daniels, hehe) . . .

It’s about Trump as in the Trump card!

#1, which Trump is, of course.

But mostly, it’s about what the former US President said about disinfectant most likely killing the COVID19 virus, and the way certain idiots took the word “inject” into (he was simply posing a hypothetical “if” – huge if – question thats all!) themselves literally, and ended up in the hospital or worse after “injecting” bottles of Clorox, Bleach or what not up their … um, posteriors!

You gotta wonder how much of a brainac one has to be to do something like that!

Trump pointed to his head first (big head) before making the statement.

“I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty smart (or, I’ve got alot up there, I think he said – not sure)”

Smart he sure is, but some of the idiots that followed him weren’t – at least the ones above, and if you recall the weirdo “Schofield” thats been on inane rants on the Internet with a friend of mine (fitness guy – if you’re into fitness, let mek now and I will post his links here) ?

I’m sure you do.

The ass licker el supremo from whom girls dont just run – they scoot away as fast as possible! 

But anyway, this genius (not) sent my friend something about “he will complain to the police that he is being attacked because of the claims made on the blog” (by the way, my friend never made said claims, so I’m not sure what drug he was on at the time, or which asshole he was up in!) . . .

. . . In that email he also wrote “I’m currently in a private hospital”.

From what my friend told me, he was actually in the hospital for doing precisely what I mentioned above ie. he was scared of the COVID (at the time last year they didnt have a vaccine in the UK apparently), and, well …

Gotta SHAKE ones big head – and little one.

The things these people do!

But anyway, the poor chappie needs not just help – mental help – but a straightjacket as well, and I’ve no doubt he’s in one right about now.

As for posteriors and rumps?

Well, yours truly has been forced to lick many a one!

That, you guys DO know, hehe.

All sissies should be damned good at it!

And remember – anything you put in your ass – gets absorbed into the rest of the body faster, so sissies, if you want that skin to glow – well – get that cum in your ass asap!

Anyway, the best rumpus yours truly ever worshipped?

Wasn’t a President’s, either male or female. Or a pop star. Or a rock star. Or what not.

No, the best one?

Was one of the most underpriveleged women in China (mainland) – and her MOM – her 60 plus year old MOM! 

Especially her mom!

And from the minute this lady of the night (yes, thats what she was) took me in hand, it was all but OVER.

I knew my destiny.

Aa Chie, or Aa ling, thank you – I’m so honored!

And to read more about the two rumpuses I was so made to worship and enjoy, especially an old cruddy one that hadn’t been pried open in centuries damn near – go HERE.


Mike Watson

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