A Vanilla point of view

I’ve written before about the fact that while most of my stuff is oriented, and quite obviously towards BDSM – it works just as well for vanilla couples.

For instance, the tips and tricks as mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” works equally well for VANILLA men and women – or vanilla men trying to attract women!

Ditto for ruined orgasms, and you dont necessarily have to be into BDSM in order for ruined orgasms to take place in your own life!

Anyway, what if you ARE?

Here is what a reader INTO BDSM said about the Italian version of the book.

I really enjoied the reading, I decided to translate it since I’m into BDSM and ruined (as well as forced) orgasm is one of my favorite play. I was curious to see if my technique was good enough and it has been very pleasant to see that almost everything you said in your book was already in my standard way of managing the ruined orgasm.
Elisa Pittalis (Italy)

And if you aren’t into BDSM?

Here is what Princess Dani, PERFECT Princess Dani said!

I read this book from a “vanilla” point of view and I most admit I read it without knowing what a ruined orgasm was. I only have to say wow! Very interesting book with specific techniques to use on guys. I am sure even if you are in a vanilla relationship using some of these tricks will drive you man crazy and will thank you for that! 
Daniela Di Luca (Spain)
More reviews on our books, products etc here – Book Reviews – Spicy and Erotic Fetish
But for now, though . . . remember, even if you aren’t into BDSM – well our stuff – just – flat out WORKS!
And on that note, I’ve been chatting with the Princess. Apparently her reviews didnt get submitted or something the first time around . . .
Last night, I received three emails from her.


I should say thank you, perfect Princess Daniela!! 😉

You’re so nice!

Anyway, business wise? I was sleeping when you sent these emails – – but it seems you “imagined” the confirmation the first time around, not sure. Hehe.

YES, the review on “15 ways … ” is up. Thank you again!

The review for “A complete guide to understanding …. ” isn’t up as yet, but probably in a day or so, hehe.

Thank you again, Princess – and happy “hump” day (no puns intended!)



(although humps can be fun sometimes!)

On 3/17/2021 2:37 AM, Daniela Di Luca wrote:

Yes, it is me again lol, sorry.

About the review on 15 ways… It is already uploaded into Amazon 🙂  I just saw it.
I dont know why I felt compelled to say that, and bring it up here?
Maybe because she’s such a perfect QUEEN!
And I haven’t even SEEN HER, hehe.
Its that vibe, much like I spoke about!
Anyway, hump day.
And we all know the sort of humps you sissies like.
So, hand humpers, pause for a minute, and pick up Sissy-Gasm Central and start learning what it really feels like to be “truly probed and your deepest desires UNLEASHED”.
I’ll see you!
PS – The Spanish and Italian versions aren’t sold on this site – but if you want ’em – let me know, and I’ll send links over (or you could search on Amazon).

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