That outstretched FOOT (and sole!;)) ready to SLAM you in the face, BOY!

And that look in the eye, of course, and the calf, but really, it’s the whole shebang here.

(Should I say “sissybang”? ?).

I think so!

It’s really the entire “whichever” bang you prefer, and the overall look, but still, I saw Pooja Madam Ji again today at the park.

And she was lying down lazily with one leg outstretches, staring straight at me.

Oh . . . BOY!!!!!!!!

Times 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vibes sure do talk, and it felt like she was about to lift her foot straight up and SLAP me with her lovely sole.

Or kick me in the nuts – HARD!

Or just kick me in the chest, kicking me back down to the ground, below her, below her cunning, sexy stare as she deserves, so deserves!

She’s a true Goddess, this lady is!

They all are of course, and as I think about (right now!) getting down to my knees and pressing Madam’s legs, it behooves me to tell you that I saw a movie last night, and in that movie, the NAILPOLISH a hooker used really stood out.

I shouldn’t use that term, of course!

I should say “unfortunate lady” (and really, they ARE unfortunate in that they are a) at the whims of the men that buy their services and b) don’t have a true cuck to debase and humiliate like Madam Aa Ling did, for one! ?).

And she was wearing a sleeveless top, with arms visible.

And shoulders, and that lovely pale white skin, and those fingernails!

Brightly colored nails with “nail speckle” on them if I might say so. Or perhaps nail art. Not sure what the exact term is . . . (though I should be, of course! ?).

(Sissydom mandates I be sure, boy! ?).

And I just imagined her in a similar pose to what you see on the “poll” of this website.

You see a girl giving you the middle finger there with middle finger so well emphasized!

And positioned. And in the movie, I could just imagine Madam’s FOREFINGER pointing at me, outstretched, lazy as ever (as she deserves) . . . the purpose being to either point at the slave to beckon him/her to “come here!” or to wave him away imperiously!

“Out boy!”

Accompanied by the flick of that lovely finger, or FOREFINGER!

And of course, those lovely nails on my nipples, and I’m feeling the surge of cum build in my balls already!

I better stop, or should I? ?

You decide!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read about tales of REAL femdom, done right – – the way only mainland Chinese women can do it! – – Chinese Femdom

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