The DOUBLE sigh of satisfaction she LETS OUT …

Cuck, this is something you should definitely know about !

And it’s from Madams viewpoint, although Mike Watson is writing it.

Many of my books, of course, have been written in her voice too which makes it all the more interesting (Mai – my Indian maid – is one noteable one).

But really, as you lick her ass, lick her pussy, finger her, keep sucking her nipples, do everything but actually do what a real man does with his DICK for her …

… for hours, and hours on end, and you no doubt explode without any “stimulation” at the end of it, you no doubt hear constant and satisfying moans as you please HER.

And you no doubt get more and more turned on at serving her, cuck, especially if Indian woman’s soles – or Asian women’s soles – or women in general! are on your cuck mind.

That smooth sole, those FIVE TOES … BOY!


But really speaking, you know the REAL joy for her?

It is this, cuck, when blinded with lust, devotion and servitude – you GO INSANE – and offer your entire bank account to her, or as much as you can.

THAT Is what she wants, in addition to real sex!

Because she knows, cuck, once she controls your bank account – she truly DOES control your pathetic little life, as it should be.

And THAT double satisfaction is what makes it all WORTH IT, boy, especially with you groveling and lusting – simply to hand over control to her – and her having her cake, and eating it too!

Can’t beat that boy!

She CAN beat that cock and balls though, hehe, and Garima Madam kicked there so expertly …

But anyway, this is about MONEY.

And to learn how Chinese ladies do it best – indeed, they have that “double sigh” coming out of them without your cuck lips touching their pristine skin, so natural are they are at femdom, with their lovely BLUE nailpolish and all … the Submissive Musings in Mainland China series is a must grab – not just for you budding findom enthusaists, but EVERY true femdom lover in general.

Do so now.

I’m off. Back soon!



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