Red, yellow, or blue? And other “thorny” issues …

Heres an interesting comment I received from an idiot who despite the shining example of brilliance beneath (NOT) still hasnt opted out of the list so i’m sure she (he) will be getting this reply from yours truly.

“I’m just a typical cheapass and Tom Tom! I’ve got so much money to burn that I get your books, and yet Im not a stud like Mike Watsonwho has no sex life or friends!”

“He’s obviously a loner!”

There was more …

But he ended with this idiocy

“Please show me proof that you’ve ever bedded a single woman, or sold a single book, or most importantly, please show me proof of HOW you attract all these women as you claim. I’m a woman magnet by nature and attract plenty myself. Good day, fugly!” 

Now, this sort of thing isn’t unusual for me.

But even I couldn’t stop laughing (and Ive seen some wackos in my time, believe me!).

But anyway let’s reply to wacko  “Thorton” (how he signe dhis name) from the UK.

First off, he’s got the sissy thorn of jealousy pricking him thats for sure.

He can’t get none.

He’s online all day long on porn (and from what he wrote he’s “job hunting and made such a sacrifice to buy my books” – to which I’d say “boo hoo, cry me a friggin river dude”) and yet couldn’t get a woman to dominate him if he tried, and the ones that do want , he’s too cheap to PAY …

Now, proof?

Well, it’s in the pudding.

If you’ve READ the books, there’s all the proof you need right there, both in terms of “selling and women”.

But really, how stupid can someone be.

HE bought the book, and wants proof of “did I sell a book or not”.

He is on a femdom site, and talks about “bedding women”.

And about being someone with “money to burn” when he’s “earnestly job hunting and hes made a sacrifice” to buy my books.

Some examples of stupidity are SO shining that even I can’t say much, hehe.

And i’ve seen a lot of it!

But anyway, colors …

When it comes to nailpolish, I’d prefer red – or violet – or blue – or green – or any color, but curiously enough, not “yellow”.

To me, that last color doesnt arouse passion.

Yet, my SO seems to have put just that color on the other day …

No it doesn’t turn me on.

I suppose it goes well with Indian girl’s skin tone – dark?

I do know many black ladies love yellow nailpolish!

I dont know, though.

All the REALLY drop dead gorgeous Indian dames I’ve been priveleged enough to be with? 

They ALL prefer red, regardless of how dark or light their skin is. 

IT’s the color of PASSION which is what counts -to me at least.

and therein lies the key which Idiot Thornton needs to understand.

It’s not about you, boy!

It’s about her.

And what she prefers – goes – and you better LOVE it, or else!

And I’m out. Back soon!



PS – Another idiot Thomas wrote about “I shouldn’t have to read about sucking cock” when he subconsciously wants nothing more than to let go and slobber all over stud dongs. But even if he didn’t – look, BOY. If she wants it – you do it!

And you can learn how to suck cock PERFECTLY right here.

PS #2 – Sissies, learn how to dress for HER right HERE.

PPS – Did the joker say I was a loner? LOL

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