Why I love uppity and SNEERING women and why you should too, cuck!

Picture this, Cuck …

Or, rather, and I’ll let someone else do the talking on this one.

The Guilty Are Afraid, which is a James Hadley Chase book … (I love all of his books!!)

The first thing that attracted my attention as I came out of St. Raphael City station was a blonde doll in a bikini
swimsuit, a straw hat as big as a cartwheel and doughnut-sized sun goggles. Her skin—and you could see a lot of it—was a
golden satin, and she had a shape on her that Mr. Varga himself would have been proud to have designed. She was getting
into a hardtop Cadillac, taking her time while the unattached males feasted their eyes on her.

I feasted my eyes too.

She settled herself behind the driving wheel and surveyed her male kingdom with lifted eyebrows. As she drove off she
sneered in my direction.

The red cap with my baggage nudged me.

“If that makes your eyes pop, brother,” he said, “you’re in for a rare time when you get to the beach. Do you want a

“Are there more like her?” I asked, slightly dazed. “If a girl showed that much of herself where I come from, she’d landin jail.”

“The place is lousy with them,” the red cap told me. “This is St. Raphael City. Anything goes here. But don’t kid
yourself. The more these chippies show, the less they give away. The only thing that talks with them is money. Do you
want a cab?”

I said I wanted a cab, took out my handkerchief and mopped my face.


Now, there’s more to it.

But really.

Ladies that SNEER at you – knowing that they’re QUEENS of the CUCKDOM – or “male kingdom” as the author so ably puts it.

Ladies that KNOW you are staring at them, boy, and an Indian lady I saw out there yesterday in the park, kinda overweight, but not really, but the dress covering it up so expertly – those BROWN CALVES – and those FEET – the toes painted red – it was all I could do not to SALIVATE, and I did it anyway. 

She knew it, and IGNORED Me.

Thats how it should be, boy!

Femdom means they’re BETTER than you.

Women better than men.

It doesn’t mean “you top from the bottom”. THAT is where cucks for the most part get it wrong, ie ask the woman to dominate them, then go to the polar (Bozo like) extreme when they don’t.

And it means you give them your money, cuck.

Simple as that. MONEY is where it’s at, boy, and Princess Sherry amongst others knew this so, so, so well!

And years after she’s looted me, the memory lingers.

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

And anyway, the guilty indeed ARE afraid, my friend.

Of being found out.

We know you delete your history on the computer and phone to make sure the wife doesn’t find out that you like to dress up in pink panties and suck dick.

We KNOW the last thing you want is a woman or stud calling you out for the Bozo you are, salivating at late night porn and the such.

We KNOW you have no woman – except the hairy fist, ape like fist at that.

And it’s getting quite stronger from the muscle jacking going on “down there”, hehe.

We know it.

And YOU, cuck are guilty and scared of being FOUND OUT.

Admit it, cuck. We all know it!

Anyway, to attract femdom to you naturally, and do as I do i.e. be an alpha male and be OPEN about all this – and receive no brickbats – exactly the opposite, actually – grab the course here and start implementing now.

And if you’re just on the list for freebies, well, bye bye NOW.

Because, well, it ain’t helping anyone, least of all you.

I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

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