Pearl necklaces for you cucks out there.

I’ll never forget it, my friend!

“Cook is your job too, boy!” 

That was after I asked Madam Su (from the park) if she needed “help” with her cleaning. 

“OF course! You can clean the floor, boy!”

And I think I’ve mentioned all this before, have I not? Yes, I believe so, but the crowning part in that relationship was this.

One evening, it was around 7 PM or so.

We hadn’t spoken in a while, of course … (for whatever reason).

And I dont know why, but diamonds were on my mind, and I spoke about them or something, and the harsh strident CONFIDENT AND SO SEXY voice came!

“Diamonds! Are you buying me some, boy!” 

I could hear the voice dripping with greed and lust, and it turned me so much this woman was willing to use and abuse me to the level she DID eventually!

No, thats not been covered in the books as yet. The Madam Su you’ve read about in Sophia Bai was more a cuckoldress as opposed to findomina …

And no, it hasn’t been mentioned in any book on recollections either, but the book on Indian Femdom Recollections – well – let me say it’s a must grab for you, cuck.

I mean, lets face it.

You’re not getting any anyway, so might as well READ and get some – if only in your imagination – but of course, my tutorial on how to land the dream girl of your dreams (dominant girl) is right here.

Yes, it will work EVEN if you’re not into femdom!

(Read the reviews for more on that).

Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes, pearl necklaces.

And of course, anything “pearl” related brings back memories of perfect Madam Pearl!

Did I buy her a pearl necklace or give her one?

Well, I haven’t mentioned that in Submissive Musings as yet.

Maybe in Volume 4, we’ll revisit Pearl!

But for now, let’s focus on the first Volume – and indeed all three, but the first tells you what I DID buy – how I approached it – how I turned a girl NOT interested in any sort of domination into one that was stark raving NUTS over it – and more.

Get the compilation here my friend- if you’re interested in findom – you’ll love it!

And last, but NOT least.

Cucks ?


You love studs unloading on lovely girl’s faces, don’t you?

You love that CUM dripping off his dick and cum in general, the more sploogy and splashy the better (much like SHIT, hehe – either his or hers!).

you LOVE that cock pointed at you!

And an ex of mine often asked me to give her “pearl necklaces” which is parlance for “cum around the neck”.

She used her cucks to buy her REAL pearl necklaces though while I shot loads on her face, lips, and damn near everywhere else. Hehe. 

YOU, cuck, might not be able to get anywhere near giving a real woman a pearl necklace – either kind.

But, you CAN learn how to suck cock for her REAL WELL – so she doesn’t have to.

Lets face it, not all women love sucking cock!

But they love YOU doing it, cuck. Giggle.

So that lovely thing can stay hard for them, boy.

Get to work NOW – right HERE.

Who knows, HE might just unload – on you, sissy!



PS – If you’re interested in sissydom, here is where you START.

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