The #1 – or 2 – missed erogenous zones – for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN!

Well, I should say #2 …

For most, men especially who think and can’t past the “gay” nonsense, both in terms of assplay and nipple play – well, nipples are the #1 ignored erogenous zone.

Even if a guy – stud or submissive – is otherwise open to ass play, nipple play – his first reaction?

“Thats gay!”

I’m SO sick of constantly debunking these silly, meaningless labels and myths. Can someone define what “Gay” is? The closest definition, other than happy – to me – which “oddly” enough no pun intended, hehe – is a good description! – is “homosexual”, which means sex aside, you’re interested in a ROMANTIC relationship with the same gender long term, and even there its never X or Y, its shades of Z!

Everyone knows it deep down inside, precious few are comfortable to confront, acknowledge, and ENJOY their own sexuality like they were meant to – it is so beautiful, it literally BLOSSOMS like love, flowers!

Anyway …

Nipples, I’ve written tomes about them before, the perfect way to control him or her.

Or, to arouse levels of bliss in both that both have not experienced in ages – and no, despite simple nipple tugs feeling wonderful if done right, there is so much more to nipple play that the average person doesn’t know, ignores, and doesn’t bother to incorporate in their play – big mistake!

Nipplegasm Central addresses a lot of this.

Once you go nipples, even the “it’s gay” lot – you’ll NEVER go back.

Women, of course, are a lot more amenable to play in this regard than men with their idiotic thinking in general – and in all regards.

So nice – anyway, #2 spot, you ask?

Some may say toes – some would say neck, some would say back …

You wouldn’t be wrong to choose any of those choices.

But, those aren’t that ignored. Take a look at cinema, porn scenes etc – you’ll often see all these areas being serviced – rightly so.

The #2 forgotten area, nipples (po po in Chinese, hehe, I love how girls in China pronounce it, so cute!) – is one I used with Carol a lot.

It drove her into such lust that even when preparing for work, business meetings, she’d start moaning within a second – without her mind on sex at all before this.

She’s a very practical “dame” if I might say so! Hehe. So it should be.

It was something an ex often used on me too.

And it is this – EARS

Yup, you heard me friend.


Tongue in ears, blowing into them, nibbling gently on the ear lobes … and especially using your TONGUE there – TRY IT the next time!

I haven’t yet ever experienced an ear-gasm. Hehe.

But, it feels wonderful – for both men and women.

Just try it and get back to me, and you’ll have your answer.

Combine with OTHER types of play for the best and max impact, especially while probing his P spot

#3 is ARMPITS, which also feels wonderful if done right, but not as erogenous as the above.

Well, my friend, there you have it from the “sex coach” as Paula often calls me. Hehe. Shes right too!

And get the books above NOW and open up a whole new world of possiblities for yourself sexually.

Back soon.



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