How to get HER to PISS and SHIT on YOU!

A lovely friend taught me this one … a so called “many” friend of mine.

Except that friend is a secret cock lover, hehe.

Closet cock lover.

I know not – but  I suspect “she” loves sucking cock!

Except she’ll never admit it.

Typical male, hehe.

And I ain’t talking me either my friend.

Yours truly is really a WOMAN Deep down inside – women attract other women, don’t they?

(I just gave yo upart of the KEY).

And so I attract.

(but no, dressing up and thinking like a woman ain’t it. That’s one of the LAST steps, and that won’t even begin to work – in fact, YOU will REPEL femdom if that is what you think all the time).

yes, yes, yes.

I know you don’t wanna be sold, so I wont … but here it is, plain and simple.

You have to submit to HER mentally first – only then will she even consider it. 

Unless you want to “top from the bottom” – – in which case, NO, it isn’t femdom, and b) you’re missing out on most of the experience, because she’s not into it, and really speaking she thinks you’re a wierdo and freak and does it because she loves you – so she says.

So she thinks – consciously, but if she had a choice, she wouldn’t either “love” or do it for you.

Believe me, true “want” is different from what you see in front of you.

I hear you.

You don’t want to pay.

Unfortunately, my friend, nothing is free in life.

Free dick pics get you … what?

Not a lot, I bet. Hehe.

You PAY for something because you truly value what that something stands for – pun intended!

Or maybe not.

And if you shower me with money, guess what will happen. SHE Will shower YOU in the way YOU WANT!

‘Tis just how it works, my friend. And good news – you dont even need to shower ME. Hehe.

You just need to fork out a wallet and I teach you how to do so .(a credit card, I mean).

Also, and remember the Law of the Universe.

Everything comes back not in equal value, but value of 10’s.

Think of it, footboy.

(Yes, I know, you’re alpha and “have no fetishes”. Sure. Thats why you’re here!)

So think of it, Mr Alpha.

You pay me – you invest $100, or less than it.

And you get REAL life experiences worth more than $1000. 

Just think about it, and ponder …



PS – No, I dont want to sell it. And if you dont want to buy, well, you might wanna leave too!;)

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