The many benefits of chastity

Dear Reader,

My preference for extended periods of chastity, and little if any – “release” (at least not what you’d consider a proper orgasm) is well known by most!

I first (and voluntarily) started down this path a few years back, and have never looked back since – and coming from someone whose lived in a part of mainland China which used to be known as the “sex capital” of the world – and someone that DID participate in more than his fair share of “releases” (!) back in the day – thats saying something.

Yes, as you can tell from my books and writings – I’ve been around the block a few times and then some, and would I trade those experiences if I knew what I did now about staying chaste?

No – because those experiences taught me many things – amongst many things, the immense value of chastity itself!

Now that I compare “now” to then – – do I feel denied? Frustrated? “Sad”? Melancholy at not being able to achieve release?

Not in the least, my friend. So long as I’m giving the woman I’m with at the time plenty of release – plenty of freedom – and plenty of CHOICES in terms of her own sexual partners – thats pretty much all I want at this point – well, of course, along with a few other things – but I’m sure you get the drift there!

As the lovely Ann once told me, “I don’t like to have sex too often! Thats why I left my last boy friend!”

This was followed by “We may do it once a week for health, but no more!”

… and that, in turn was followed by a meek “Yes, Ma’am!” from me, and a raging hard on to boot.

It’s all about HER, my friend – and that is but one of the tips covered in “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – and if you’re currently unable (for whatever reason) to find the dominant partner of your dreams – then this is a must read!

Folks often find it hard to understand how I can go for weeks – months – without any release – especially consider my raging hormones, workouts etc that all add to my “growing lust”.

I wrote a while back about a “wet dream” I had – and yet – did that dampen my enthusiasm?

Not one bit – and here’s why –  because as I went along the road to chastity – I realized I was holding one of the KEYS to super energy – and achievement – as well as development of the sixth sense – all in my loins, if I might say so.

Some of you may know that wrestlers and boxers of yore would refrain from sexual activity not days – but MONTHS before a fight.

The same holds true for authors, artists, and other creative people who would literally CHANNEL their sexual energies into other work – and believe me, this highly charged, sexed work would show results – regardless of the actual nature of the work.

It’s not so much what you do. It’s HOW you do it – and the VIBES coming off the words you write!

Thats something I’ve said before ad infinitum, of course, and that is but one benefit of chastity.

The others?

Improved energy levels – vastly improved. Super powers of focus and concentration – as well as perhaps most importantly, more of a submissive vibe – and funnily enough, it hasn’t done ANY DAMAGE at all to how I “attract” women.

That happens more and more – the longer I go “without”, the more the submissive vibe builds – and communicates itself to those that are ready to receive it!

There’s a lesson – or several to be learnt from this.

As Napoleon Hill correctly states in Think and Grow Rich (and no, this has got NOTHING AT ALL to do with whether you, the reader, wants to get rich or not),

The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability. 

He goes on to state that one of the main reasons the vast majority of males out there don’t succeed before the age of 40 is the time spent “dissipating their wild oats” – which, given that the sex drive is at it’s peak at said age would be far, far better off TRANSMUTED into other activities in one’s life!

Yours truly learnt this around the age of 35 or so. Although I’ve always been into chastity, orgasm denial and the rest of it – I only truly learned – and experienced the benefits of said activities in my daily life once I experimented – and this was before I read Hill’s bestselling book, by the way.

And once I learned – there truly was no going back – either in terms of my preferences – or otherwise!

Last, but not least, what if you decide you’ll go down this route – but yet want a little fun every now and then – or perhaps more often?

Well, ’tis your choice, my friend. What you choose to do in your personal life and with your “wild oats”, hehe, isn’t any of my biz – but I’ll tell you this – one MAGNIFICENT way of you (and your lady partner) having ya’ll’s cake and eating it too is this – RUINED ORGASMS!

Yes, these can give you AS MUCH (if not more) mental pleasure if done right – and even after three of these, chances are your lust won’t dissipate if you’re horny enough.

At that point, you can transmute this energy into something useful – like serving your lady – “pressing her feet” (oh, that term, how I love it!) – or doing your own work. 

And it’s when you get familiar with this sort of thing that you’ll TRULY start to experience and realize the wonders – and many benefits of staying chaste – or close to it!

Ok, so thats it for now. Ponder what I’ve said above – and in the meantime – if you’re currently reading a BDSM book of any sort – happy reading!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If happy times mixed in with the “rigors” of femdom appeal to you, you’ll love the nature of my books  – especially those dealing with these lovely Chinese ladies – available right here – –

P.S #2 – And believe me – if femdom interests you (and if you’re on this page it likely DOES) – you’ll want to look into ruined orgasms as well! Not only will it empower your lady to new heights – it’ll also “debase” you to new lows – and BOTH of you will love every minute of it. Trust me – been there – done that – and do it all the time! Here is where you can learn more about ruined orgasms – –


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