“Honey, do lovers do this??”

One things leads to another. One biz to another . One email to another!

And one cock to another?


As I finish up a post on one of my sites (which asked the question “do sages kick ASS”). I paused.

And got the idea for this one, but I had to share it too!

Sages might not kick ass, but the females ones are all sage-esses, and they DO kick our asses.


Or so they should daily, and our balls too.

Anyway, I remember what Pearl once asked me, even while preparing to cuckold me.


“Honey, do real lovers DO this to each other!”

She said it with a giggle, and she KNEW the answer, but still, the doubt was there.

A lot less than with most people.

But it was there, and thereth speaketh tomes to the value of proper conditioning.

Believe me, without this your cuck journey is destined and doomed to failure. With it, the SKY (and cocks pointing there!) is the limit.

Trust me on this one.

There is a reason I say “don’t force her if she doesn’t want to!” in Cuck Central.

There is a reason I say WORK UP to it.

There is a reason I say let it happen normally!

Anyway, I sent over a picture of a couple of cocks to the lovely, gorgeous oh so dominant Dani (who is probably the opposite too, hehe) (and I haven’t even seen her as yet!) …

Both lovely.

“So luscious!” was what I said.

But the sissy cock was what I wanted to really send over.

(the one on Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots).

I ended up sending two though, and asked her which is better!

I don’t know which she’ll say.

But I like the second, smoother, slimmer cock better.

So sexy, especially with sissy lips wrapped around that lovely cock HEAD!

Oh, that HEAD! That pee hole!

And yes, lovers do do it.

I asked Dani this.

“Whoever said men and women can’t share a cock”


And this was in continuation of her “whoever said men and women can’t be friends”.

And it’s true!

And she responded with “if you’re talking most people, they’d say it’s not right”.


Thomas, the guy who wanted freebies and “introductions to girls” said just that.

A prime reason why said introductions will NOT happen, for him, or anyone.

That isn’t why I do what I do.

But really.

As I told her, ‘it’s good we’re not like most people’!

Because, as I saidin the last post, they’re just plain HYPOCRITES in that regard.

She’s such a goddess!

And on that admittedly very sage note, I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up Princess Joanie right HERE (the book boy!) – and Humiliation Central, another SIZZLER – – right here! (pun intended, hehe).

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