On trans women, men and everything in between!

Yours truly has made no secret of the fact that SHE hates labels, hehe.

He, she, whatever.

And also that gender switches are so sexy!

And for the life of me, I can’t understand the stigma attached to being trans, or gay, or a faggot, or whatever.

If you like sucking cock, so be it!

And I wouldn’t mind a girlfriend with a cock either, to be honest. The best of both worlds for us faggots!

And it makes it even sexier from a fetish standpoint (humilation, you know, boy!).

But … fetish wise, sometimes I find that LACK of labels is what makes things better. Even better.

Dont get me wrong. It’s great to humiliate your sub and as a sub, there are few other things that turn me on than extreme humiliation, cock worship, foot worship and a lot more.

(and having my sissy holes invaded by lovely black dicks!)

(Black men have the loveliest cocks. White men do too! All men do! Real men, hehe).

BUT … and I’ll write about the balls later, I remember perfect madam Susan telling me this when she “first met me” in a giggly manner.

“But you’re really a man!”

Cuckoldress au extraordinnaie perfect Madam Su said it too!

“How can you be my female maid”, she giggled.

“Youre really a man!”

And THAT, my friend works better than if I was trans!

Same thing for her.

She’s really a “woman” – a very feminine one.

Yours truly – equally butch and alpha – what a combo, hehe – on the outside.

But the roles reverse.


And therein liest he FUN of it all.

Madam lying down in bed, legs spread, like MEN Do.

Madam farting like MEN Do, UNAPOLEGETICALLY, sometimes right from that lovely rosebud into my FACE!

And madam having MANY Men while i stay chaste and devoted to her!

Same thing for cucks and sissies in a differnt way.

You get the point!

Discard labels. Truly not so worth it, friend!!


Mike Watson

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