Why I love my own “prodigous” output

I gotta tell you, I’m tom tomming on this one, hehe.

A “tom tom”as a certain Tom Tom himself said (someone too cheap to fork over the BIG BUCKS and get BIG RESULTS!).

But really – a genuine customer once asked me the following.

“Mate, with all the writing you do, how do you find time to train?”

He was referring to the Miss V owned fitness biz …

Wherein I do the work, but Madam gets paid. Hehe. And my SO knows it, and profits from it.

Such are the many benefits of TRULY attracting REAL femdom into your life, my friend.

Not just many feet to worship, sissy!

Think of how many soles you’d get to kiss, as Madam Susan once laughed at me.

Shes so regal, so perfect!

Paye Lagu Memsahib JI!

But its more than that, as you can see.

And I love being someone that can write a lot, and truth be told, eveyrone can – if they’re not lazy (but there is more to it which I’ll cover later). Let me just say though that my workout style certainly helps!

I get roughly THREE hours more of productivity for every 1/2 hour or so I put into it. Where I come from, thats a great trade off on my time!

And a lesson right there for YOU.

Now, thats another reason I produce so much … hmmm!


I can see Madam Ji’ EYES, and that stern, yet “jovial and censorious look!

So much cum, boy!

So much ejaculate, useless one, boy!

IT’s more to smear on me.

IT’s more to EAT the next day.

It’s more, and my SO does this quite often … to spread on PAPAYA and give me the combo with curd rice to eat!

And it’s more … but you get the picture.

I actually love his prodigous cum too, but for opposite reasons.

Cum is so sexy.

And the cocks it emerges from, except your struly phimotic (sick dick as a certain person once called it) dick are so sexy

(Some girls actually LIKED IT. HEhe. To humiliate! Madam Ashley didnt, of course. “Why I Can’t see the head, boy!”) 

(She was so right, so perfect!) 

And I love them alll!

Smooch to all you COCKS out there. (or those that have ‘em)

Sissy Smooches!

And of course.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib! You make it so worth it!


Mike Watson

PS – The above sounds like a faggoty sissy fantasy don’t it? Well, there’s more in the Sissy Reader – grab it NOW!

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