Vimal Joney …. and Princess JOANIE!

It’s no surprise or secret that we attract what we think, is it?

I dont think so, especially not if you’ve been on this list any length of time and have been reading about yours truly’s track record of uncannily (without even trying) DRAWING femdom to him in all it’s shapes, forms and guises …

And money wise, same thing.

We attract based upon what we THINK, at a deep, deep subconscious level.

Now, why did I write that.

Ah, I know. Hehe.

But anyway, I get off social media – WeChat and everything, and think I’ll get a break from femdom.

Nah. Doesnt happen. Enter Perfect Gorgeous Queen Seven on Linkedin!

Dont check that?

Well, I see it in the park when working out of all things!

Don’t go to the park?

Well, I hear Pooja Memsahib outside the HOUSE all the time!

(or so I think, hehe. So ingrained is Madam’s voice in me!)

And on that note, and the previous note.

Princess Joanie – well, I’ve written a LOT about her.

That young lady from Southern China who entranced me from the MOMENT i saw her EYES that night at 1 or 2 AM on Wechat in China while in bed of all things.

I still remember HER!

I added her, not expecting her to add me back. After all Madam doesnt know me from Adam (or sissy Eve hehe) I thought as I desperately tried to sleep, but couldn’t.

The PRINCESS had taken a hold of me, and she knew it too!

And she added me back the next morning – – and the rest, well, is history!

Buy me a dress, BOY!

And not just any dress. An expensive dress, boy!

Now, in my travels to the Indian subcontinent, I once bought a pair of pants.

From a premier Indian supplier named “Vimal Joney” with NO links to femdom that I know of, hehe. All very above board and vanilla, and the owner would likely have a coronary if they saw their names mentioned here!

Or maybe not. You never know, as I said … and keep saying! 😉

But anyway, it’s one of those brands which are “reasonably priced” and therefore yours truly cucked buys them, but the Princess!

She wouldn’t even bother turning her lovely NOSE up at it – it’s way, way, way beneath her STANDARD!

She buys nothing except the most exclusive material from FANCY MALLS, boy!

And yours truly funded it for a large part of time in 2017 ….

… what a lovely time that was!

And I’ve written Princess Joanie (the first Volume) in her Honor – check it out!

On that note, another lady that I’ve worshipped just as much?

And her polar opposite in many ways?

Young – OLD.

Slim and in shape – FAT an dout of shape!

Chinese -Indian!

Shorts and short dresses (ok, but I bought her a long dress, but thats because cucks dont get to see! ;)) – – SARIS.

And so forth.

And Pooja Madam Ji, perfect Pooja Madam ji, is probably the Indian lady I’ve written about the most, even more than Ms. Priyanka!

And she deserves it.

If anything, she’s an older version of Joanie!

Be sure to pick up my latest ODE – a collection of 25 at that to this imperious lady right HERE.

Write back – and let me know how you LIKED IT!


Mike Watson

PS – Another lady that I’d kill to worship … would be perfect Madam Susan! She’s just so lovely (as she once told ME, hehe). And so dominant, so confident. Pick up the PRAYERBOOK to Goddess Susan right HERE.

(I’d literally PRAY to any of the three women above so WORTHY are all of them!)

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