What I would have done differently …

Dear Reader,

OK, so yesterday I wrote to you about my first (one of the first, at any rate) experiences about sucking cock – and I also wrote that I’d do several things very differently this time around if it were TODAY.

And I will go into that in this email!

BEFORE I do that, though – headsup!

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As of now, things seem to be working – but as always (with fetish, or life, or anything, hehe) – feedback is key – so please do not hesitate to provide the same.

Onwards, and “upwards” (pun intended ;-)).

Todays email can probably be taken (or read as) “gay advice”. Or, advice on how to best orally service a man – or, perhaps even “get him to cum even when he is stone dead drunk”.

Or, and as is the intent of this email, sneeringly make him do the following if you’re a Domina – humiliate him to the MAX – and turn him into the perfect cuck! Or cock sucker … for your pleasure!

I wrote a few days ago about the joys of anal play, and how talking dirty was one of the KEYS to making this type of play even more enjoyable – and today’s email should give you plenty of ideas – or thoughts, if you’re going solo – in that regard!

For one, I wish I knew about the pleasure of nipple play back then. I’d be sucking and licking his nipples – his ear lobes – kissing his body – making him feel like a “God” – and talking dirty to him all the time.

I’d be begging for permission to lick his ass – to lick “Master’s ass”, and even in his drunken state, I am SURE that this one word would get him hard and going – especially as I groveled at his feet asking him for permission.

And it wouldn’t just be licking his ass. I’d tongue fuck his ass – much like I did with the imperious Aa ling, and her mother – and many other ladies I’ve been with. Men enjoy it just as much if not more (actually more, because men have a prostrate – hehe – all ties together doesnt it??)  … and there is little, if anything, more degrading than licking another man’s sweaty asshole – or begging to do so BEFORE you suck his dick!

I’d use my mouth on his dick, sure – but I’d make sure my HANDS were on his nipples as well, providing him with more and more sexual pleasure and stimulation – all the while feeling more and more like a little bitch – and remembering that HIS pleasure – HIS orgasm – HIS lovely cock – were ALL more important, and that I was lucky to have a cock like that to suck!

I’d definitely finger him while I sucked, and if even that didnt get him hard, I’d suck his nipples while fingering him – I’m positive that would result in a mind blowing orgasm,as it does many times for me!

After the act, I wouldn’t ask for an orgasm myself. I’d stay hard – and I’d massage his feet while he smoked comfortably (he smoked at the time) – and perhaps get him hard again if he so chose. Or, I’d rub his feet as he slept, my dick “straining at the bit” as it were – unsatisfied – as it should be!

And before lopping off to sleep at his soles, I’d probably finger myself once – and milk myself- and drink all the cum up, of course- and stay horny and unsatisfied as ever!

I’d probably suck his toes and lick his soles when he woke up and give him the perfect BJ – but thats a topic for another time!

The perfect sub, you might say – the perfect female sub you might say as well! And that’s mental conditioning again for you, my friend – as well as the importance of knowing how to suck dick well – and service ANOTHER man well – all for HER pleasure! (and his, of course, hehe).

Along with this of course, the perfect bitch doesnt forget to do her housework – wash Mistress’s feet when she comes home – talk about other men with her – cook her meals as SHE prefers – and many, many more things – which all become so much more easier when you FEEL like a bitch – with the right mental conditioning, of course!

So that’s today’s email. Take it for what it’s worth – and let me know your thoughts, if any!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Given my “extensive experience” in this regard, I might well come up with a manual to “How to service a dominant male sexually” – or something to that nature. While that currently isn’t something that is in the works – it might well be soon – stay tuned!

P.S #2 – But in the meantime, if “humiliation” such as I’ve mentioned above (and let’s face it, a “straight” guy servicing his or her “Master” is definitely right up there!!) is your thing – then you really need to get your “grubby paws” on Humiliation Central, my friend – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

P.P.S – And in case you need to talk about any of this on a “professional” level – feel free to drop us a line here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/kink-therapy/

P.P.S #1 – Many lady friends of mine have laughingly (and knowingly!) given me female names – and with good reason! Yet another topic to get into later … Nothing quite like being addressed as “Charlotte” throughout the day if you’re a “man” …! Anyway, more on that later.

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