Being allowed to take his pants down for the first time !

What a rush it was!

Albeit she allowed me to do it with my teeth. How dare my hands (albeit sissfied, fingers painted RED) touch his pristine DICK!

It’s only a sissy’s mouth and lips and tongue that should touch his manly GOD like parts, boy!

Unless you’re pressing her feet. Or his feet, hehe.

Ot, doing housework! Or serving them!

But anyway, as a sissy – one thing that has ALWAYS fascinated me is men’s members.

And I’ve often wondered the following upon looking at a man, especially in a femdom setting.

“That moment when she takes his pants – underwear off, and out PLOPS his member!”

The word “member” is so sexy, or at least it’s feeling that way to me TODAY, hehe.

And as that member pops out, it gets worshipped. By yours truly!

And I dont know why, but the cock – the MEMBER – his manly member hiding in his pants adds tot he sense of intrigue!

Anyway, I still remember Su in Jerome’s arms (on his lap, actually, those lovely legs I pressed all night outstretched, the soles staring me in the face (though admittedly Madam didnt enjoy foot massages as much as LEG massages)) …

And both drinking.

And she got off, and ordered me.

“Come here, boy!”

I did.

“Kneel!” (giggle, snicker)

I did.

I saw Jerome’s dusty boots and her lovely feet, and I almost bent to kiss her feet!

And I did, I think.

She kicked my head to his boots.

And I kissed his too, so “in lust” was I! And as I licked the dust off his shoes, he laughed at me.

“Now thats a true little sissy, Su” he said, that manly voice PLEASED, and I could “feel” his member growing!

I Could feel the lust!

And then she said it.

“Take his pants down, boy!”

She allowed me to unbuckle his belt and take his shoes off with my hands.

And the socks, too, boy! Remember his SOCKS!

And as those manly soles came into full view, and he stood there in his underwear.

It was time.

“With your teeth, boy!”

And she patted me on the head as I did, quivering with LUST, much like you might a pet dog.

She knew this was another pinnacle to sissydom I had CONQUERED!

And the cock hit me on the nose, and th erest is history, as I went suckie suckie on him!

And more!

But that moment befor eyou pull a real man’s pants down, boy, to find out whats hiding inside!

Only a real sissy will understand!


Mike Watson

PS – His lovely cock gave me so many sissygasms that I’ve lost track. Literally. And you can read up ALL on sissygasms, and how to adminster them, and GET max pleasure as a sissy from them right here – Sissy-Gasm Central!

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