Be perfect, boy!

Perfectionism is something I rail against in just about anything, and rightfully so.

I wrote on another site that it’s a “plague best avoided”, or perhaps a pestilence.

And in life, (or fitness, which as Miss V now knows, is another biz vertical of mine ;)) … and relationships, including but not limited to femdom and BDSM, and all it’s variants therein, I do not recommend going for “perfect”.

Especially not when you start out!

I still remember a lady with lovely fingers in China. Lovely long fingernails, and a lovely pink (well, the lipstick!) mouth who while she gave me an expert blowjob, wasnt quite the same in terms of nipples, that innate skill all ladies from the mainland seem to have …

Madam Venus wasn’t either.

But once they TRIED, they got better.

And the same holds true for any skill.

Including pleasing your Mistress and/or Master, or both!

Starting out, you’ll see one thing.

I NEVER recommend perfectionism or doing things any one way in my books and courses.

I DO NOT include “be perfect” as one of the CARDINAL rules of attracting REAL FEMDOM to yourself.

I tell you to be you, and let her be her, and WEAN her into it, but I do NOT advocate anything close to perfectionism!

Now, if you want, sure. You could shoot for perfectionism in many things.

Those clothes better be folded just right … BOY!

Or, maybe the food JUST as she likes it! BOY!

Or .. but you get the picture.

The point isn’t perfectionism so much as “just as SHE likes it, boy!”

While sucking dick, for instance, the sissy’s goal is to GIVE max pleasure to “her man” or “her owner’s man!”

And perfect isnt necessarily giving the best blowjob ever.

Bobbing up and down on the dick is NOT the best way to give a blowjob.

NOT one of the ways I advocate in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots.

But if he likes that, guess what.

THAT is what you do, and you do the imperfect perfectly!

Same thing for anything femdom or BDSM related.

It’s all about her, boy!


Mike Watson

PS – Stay tuned for BIG NEWS on the OTHER site … Servitude Central – something themed towards Indian femdom primarily (but I mention it here since YOU guys will love it too) – stay TUNED!

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