My sweaty devotion to Madam Anne…

That apartment, I’ll always remember it!

I’ll always remember pressing her feet at night, waking up to bring her water in the night, and of course. Every morning?

Tea, boy!!!! 

Without her even saying it, that one LOOK WAS ENOUGH!

She trained me well, hehe, without even speaking a word of English. A nudge was all that was required!

Anyway …

I was talking to her the other day and this sweat filled recollection (I’m sweating now) isn’t about her sweaty ass, or her boyfriend’s asshole, both so sweaty, I’ll always remembr!

With the A/C running no less!

My fitness friend talks about his routines where has the A/C on full blast – and believe me, it’ cold there – and yet, he sweats up a storm.

No wonder he’s a real man – and such a perfect STUD INCARNATE!

No wonder Bozos follow him everywhere too, hehe, and lovely ladies like Jassy, for one!

But anyway …

That aside, her apartment had this sliding door – seperating the rest of what was essentially a studio apartment from the kitchen – and bathroom.

I’d often close the bathroom door after using it.

She wouldn’t.

“You think it’s dirty, boy!” ?

And she’d wink sometimes!

Nah – she didnt wink … but!


Her precious Throne!

But anyway, I cleaned that.

No A/C in the bathroom – but the A/C effect would have extended to the kitchen area, except, the sliding door was always closed.

I’ll always remember, slaving away in the kitchen, sweating up a bucket while Madam chatted on the phone, made money – counted it – and spoke to other men!

REmember, she had one waiting on the side!

THAT is true devotion, not so much the foot part!

Think about it, friend, think about all the women that you’ve seen slave away do just this.

And you’ll get it, boy!

Anyway, I ain’t written a book on Anne – as yet.

But I DID write a critically acclaimed book on Madam Aa Ling and another very well received one on Madam Ann!

Those feet are hers, yes!

And you, my friend, owe it to yourself to pick up some of the books now – and get on the ride of your lifetime.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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