Why long dicks are such a huge turn on!

Especially if you’re a cuck or a sissy, hehe.

But for most women, women that need and they should! Real man SEX, real man HOT SLOPPY SEX – it’s the girth that matters most.

Sure, no-one wants a micro-penis, cuck, hehe.

But … the GIRTH is what matters. Really matters. Ask any lady, and she’ll tell you that.

The girth, and those sexy CURVES!

Straight is great, hehe (pun not intended, and neither are labels), but those curved cocks are just so delicious, and I’m not just talking about the look – they HIT the right spots!

Back to length though.

I remember many a SO telling me curiously (and this was in their own native language, so my understanding may be somewhat different – but I doubt it!)

… “he’s got a long cock!”

And she didnt just mean long. She meant thick too.

But most of those cocks were long too, hehe.

And as I wrote about “long” on another site I own, I thought I’d write to you about this now!

Long black cocks. With cut heads! Just so gorgeous, because it “extends his dominance” even more, especially from your vantage position under his BALLS, boy!

Or, long because it’s more to kiss and worship

It’s more SATINY SMOOTH skin to look at.

(and lets face it, most of us sissies ORALLY worship him far more than he plows into us! And so it should. HE’s a real man, boy! He needs a woman!) 😉

The veins become more prominent!

And, that long cock when it shoots a mammoth load, the load rising up that sexy long pipe of his …


Anyway, cocks are cocks.

And you cucks and sissies should and do love ‘em all!

Even the micro penises, hehe.

But really, long has it’s own splendor – and I’m sur eyou on this list would agree!

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots is INDEED what its all about, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – I’m getting sick and tired of Amazon’s nonsense, so I might just stop selling there someday. Latest is the bozos apparently claim there was a copyright violation with my book on ruined orgasms. Some how I think someone is getting ticked off at me on Amazon, hehe, but so be it. I’d rather sell of my own site anyway!

PS #2 – HERE is where you can grab the book on ruined orgasms.

PPS – It’s interesting, perhaps, but not all cucks have “short cocks”. Some of us have surprisingly “large and thick cocks”. More on that myth in Cuck Central (or busting it, hehe. I know. She loves to bust my balls, and I love to bust MYTHS!).

PPS #1 – if there is a demand for books on ball busting – believe me, I’ll do one up. I’ve got tons of experience in it  – so write back – and let me know! 😉

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