More women need to be in CHARGE … BOY!

Paye Lagu, Madam Chloe … JI! I should say, hehe.

And I believe I wrote about how she was goddamned awesome, on either this site or Medium or perhaps both.

And she is!

And of course, she’s always right, hehe.

Anyway, it seems the Princess was ..

WHACK! I can almost feel it.

“Don’t call me Princess, boy! It’s a wierd name!” was what she told me last time, so I best not!

But anyway, Madam Chloe, that lady that added me out of the blue on social media (sound familiar)? And that I ended up helping, and that … well, she’s having a bad day apparently!

She posted something about how “more women need to be in charge” in today’s world, along with a bit about “how women are more compassionate and caring”, and “companies with females in charge have a different vibe”, and “have I ever worked for a female boss”.

It’s all stuff where the Nazi feminism shines through, and believe me, if I were her, I wouldn’t put it on a job seeking site for one!

And she put it on exactly that.

But then again, she’s Madam Chloe, and always RIGHHT, BOY!

And let me start by answering, of course.

Remember – she never needs to answer any questions. You do, boy! Hehe.

No, I’ve never worked for a female boss.

I’ve worked with tons of ladies before though. I’ve supervised plenty. I’ve PAID plenty to do certain tasks for me. And so forth.

How did all that pan out?

Well, I dont know

Or maybe I do

And mayb eI do again!

And maybe again! Hehe.

It all panned out very well, I should say with me at their FEET regardless of who was reporting to who, hehe.

Ah, Krystal. You were so right, but you dont know it fully – as yet !;)

But the rest of her rant wasn’t necessarily something I’d agree with, especially those about men being less helpful and men “not being compassionate”.

But ALL of it is manna from heaven for sissies and cucks out there, and if there is one thing yours truly cucked, sissifed and faggoted galore knows – it is what Princess Sophia told me.

“I’m married, boy! So we can be soul mates!” (it wasn’t a question. It was a statement, made in a matter of fact way the FIRST day we SPOKE, not met!).

“You can never touch me, boy!”

“I’ll never suck your dick, boy! Only my dream man’s!”

And so forth.

And if there is one thing sissies and cucks are good for – – it is to sympathasize with her no matter what.

Right now, me?

Paye Lagu Madam Chloe. I’d wash your feet, and listen to you talk – because you need it, and I’d do the housework, and press your head later before you slept, so you’d be in a better mood.

You deserve it.

Because you’re a Queen.

And yes -women in charge?

I’d love to work for a woman someday – only thing being I don’t work full time jobs, hehe, or any job at all.

But as for life wise?

Well – I live the lifestyle – I CAN tell you that much, Ma’am!

And thats that from me. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Chloe just gave YOU a very important tip on attracting dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland, and no it isn’t just “agreeing with everything she says”. See if you can find it!

PS #2 – Be sure too, to pick up my pathbreaking book on the same “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” NOW.

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