Kiss my ass, and give me money, boy!

The words are MUSIC TO MY EARS!

And if you’re into femdom, and FINDOM- which are both one and the same thing in my opinion – one doesnt work without the other – and one needs more than just money, but money is NUMERO UNO as perfect, lovely Madam Venus said …. this is will music to your ears too, cuck.

Imagine that lovely voluptous ass in front of you, boy!

Madam Pearl often showed hers, but it wasn’t as voluptous as my Goddess S.O’s . . . But she used to show me her feet!

She used to show me her lover cocks, and videos of him cumming often with cum drippng off Madam’s lips!

She’d bring home used condoms – she’d make me polish his shoes with my cum – and many other humiliations!

And she’s take MONEY each time, and laugh and gigle and we loved it – we both did!

The sheer thrill of being humiliated and sending her MONEY each time – doing her shopping, and housework even more obesquisely!

THAT is what I do with my SO too (who by the way wants more cucks, and HERE is where you FIRST prove your worthiness, my friend – if you dont, no admission to the very uber exclusive club of applicants – that is step #1) . .

Except, I kiss her ass, and beg her to take my money!

“Yes, boy!” 

I kiss it again. Right at the crack.

“Madam, please, please allow me to send you more!” 

She lifts a sole up, and I lick it and suck her toes like multiple long COCKS!

“Madam, please!” 

“Buy this, boy!” 

And often times, the phone will ring with the “ting!” that money transfers produce, and I’m nose deep in ass again!

I’ll lick her – tongue her – and every time, I’ll give her money.

“THIS is what I want, boy!”

shell say that imperiously, and regally, and laugh at me as I keep sending her money. Lots of it!

And that, my friend, is what findom and femdom is all about.

what a rush, what a turn on!


Mike Watson

PS – Read all about findom in China here – Submissive Musings – Compilations – and pay special attention to perfect Madam Sherry!

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