200 KG Phallus disappears from Germany …


I love those heavy, swinging COCKS.

Especially Master, Perfect Master Jerome’s HEAVY, swinging black cock as he often humiliated me, laughed at me … and all not necessarily while my tongue was in his asshole.

IT was while he cock slapped me playfully.

I’d be leaning, and his lovely member would swing back and forth, that flat stomach and sexy abs on full display and this slim stud would literally dick slap me across the nose back and forth.

That HEAD would really GIVE ME ON THE NOSE!

And it was so sexy, such a turn on as the balls dangled, my tongue ITCHING to lick them as Su laughed at me, and taunted me.

She was so perfect, such a Goddess!

Lick those jewels, boy!

But first, pay the price!

And lots of nose slaps later, and ass licks later, I was able to get to the balls.

And then the pristine MANHOOD that was Jerome’s lovely black dick!

So sexy, so smooth, so straight ..

Anyway … seems I’m not the only cock lover out there.

I just read some news about a 200 kg “wooden phallus” disappearing from a mountain top in Southern Germany (true news!)

Apparently it was given to a German youth as a birthday present, but whether or not it was a prank, no-one knows. Lol.

And it was carted off the top of the mountain for some reason (one being he didnt like the gift presumably – but top of the mountain? Only God knows!)

But anyway, it’s been chopped down apparently.

And Bavarian police are searching for the culprit.

Well, it wasn’t me.

I’d never chop dicks off!

OF course, Madam Tracy once wickedly looked at me and made teh “ax” sign while looking at my dick.

And twin “bombs” while looking at my balls.

She was tracy of the “Indian men are hot” post …

And it’s true too!

And anyway, enough on that.

Cocks are lovely and sexy, and are MANNA from HEAVEN for any tru sub or cuck.

Learn how to please them RIGHT right HERE – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots.


Mike Watson

PS – Oh, and hurry – that coupon code is about to EXPIRE!

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