Shouldn’t I be licking your ass FIRST, Master?

… OR sir!

Perfect studly “sir” with the perfect dangling COCK!




Royal regal phallus!

Any othe rterms I’ve missed there? Hehe.

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots didn’t specifically contain a list of complimentary terms yours truly cucked likes to refer to STUD cocks as (or the wimpy CUCK cocks, for that matter, like my phimotic cock! ;)) … but it should.

New product, anyone? Hehe.

Anyway, while sucking Rueben’s dick that I spoke about so often, I often had this thought.

But I never told him …

“Shouldn’t I be licking your ass first, Rueben?”

his cock – his beautiful cock and to worship it ??

As Madam Su taught me, a privelege for any cuck!

And I’ve spoken a lot about the LOOK in the eyes, havent I cuck?

THAT is what femdom and BDSM all boils down to, and male dom too!

I just got out of the shower.

I’m naked. And Im sitting here writing this because the thought is so powerful!

Master’s cock dangling in the shower as he stares, scarcely able to believe his “luck”.

And smacks me on the nose with it, as I beg to lick his balls!

He doesnt let me . . . .

Spits on me. Maybe pisses !


Master, may I lick your perfect ASSHole first?

“Alright, faggot! Get to work, boy!”

And those words were uttered so often by Master Jerome and PERFECT MADAM SU – that they’re seared into my brain.

Talk about conditioning as I talk about in Cuck Central.

It’s cold now, so I’m off to wear clothes, but hey. Pick up Cuck Central right here if you want to be the perfect cuck ever – it’s the journey of your life, and hers, I promise y’all that!


Mike Watson

PS – Read ALL about imperious Sophia Bai, and perfect Madam Su in the Sophia Bai series!!

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