Those lovely Indian maids, those lovely strong HANDS…

Lots of people think its all about pedicured feet, manicured hands – and so forth.


For women, of course it is – but for men – if you’re truly submissive?

ANY woman should make you shiver with lust if done right, make you SUBMISSIVE with a mere FLICK of her finger, a mere LOOK!

I’ve spoken so much about the Indian ladies I keep seeing out there in the park, about Princess Dani, Countess Paula, and so many other countless women I’ve written about, and they ALL Make me weak – no exceptions!

Lots of times, those manicured hands get TIRED when working – or giving handjobs – or pinching those nipples – HARD!


Or slapping you …

And as an Indian maid worked this morning – I heard her shifting the sofa, I so wanted to draw her to me, kiss her – kiss those old lips, still painted red, those long lovely feet,toes still painted red – and so forth!

And of course, those poor hands, cracked and wizened by WORK …

Pooja Memsahib … JI! is a perfect example of this -to this day, even with all the pedicures and manicures, the working class hasn’t gone out of her.

It never will.

But thats OK, perfectly OK, thats fine – she’s REAL.

These people are REAL.

Much like I am.

And perhaps thats why their style of femdom is so down to earth, so BRUTAL, so NO frills attached – and it hits home like no other!

So does our Chinese femdom section here – all of it brutal, down to earth, honest as always!

I’d kiss those hands ALL day, even if they were hard and cracked, and Madam knows it!

Yesterday I saw a lady cleaning barefoot, those soles were TOUGH – really tough – from years of no care, and I’d SO want to be slapped, smacked, walked upon by them!

Femdom – thats what it’s all about, my friend, and worshipping downtrodden ladies is a thrill like … NO OTHER!

And they so deserve it!

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And if enough of you write back with reviews, I will even put out Volume Four shortly!


Mike Watson

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