Go paint my nails, boy! I want to look beautiful for him!

One night, I went to visit Madam Anne.

I think it was around 10 PM or so that I finally got to her place, and when she opened the door it was a ravishing sight indeed. Madam in shorts, T shirt and flip flops.

And those legs.

Those lovely, never ending legs (and she was a short girl, but still) . . . (and on that note, I’ve noticed One thing – that it always works better when the girl is shorter, and the guy is taller, not just in terms of femdom, but in OTHER regards as well!).

Now this is nothing at all against tall women, but I do believe that women get a certain sense of security from “looking up” to their men (if just from a height standpoint).

The MOST intense experiences (whether femdom related or not) that I’ve had have ALL been with ladies that have been a bit shorter than me . . .

Madam Ashley, her of the missed femdom experiences? Same height.

Princess Sophia? Almost same. Missed femdom again to an extent!

Madam Carol? Perfect Madam Anne? All the height I mention. Princess Joanie? Same . . .

. . . anyway, I don’t know why I brought that up NOW.

Anyway, so there she was.

And those feet (toes) were painted a bright, luscious shade of red and they almost stood out in the dark, as my dick was beginning to, hehe.

“You look beautiful, Anne!”

And she giggled.

“Oh, those!” She pointed at her toes, as if she didn’t know what I was on about (of course she did!)

“I did those myself!”

And I’ve been remembering Madam Anne so much over the past few days . . .

But, the point of me saying this?

Last night, I had a vision of an OLDER lady, not necessarily Chinese, relaxing, lying down comfortably with legs completely bare, dress hiked up in that sexy manner.

And of course, me “pressing her feet” with Madam on the phone, sneering at me (shades of Ms. Priyanka!).

And as I pressed her feet, she moved.

“Get me that red nailpolish, boy!”

“My boyfriend is coming over. My new man, and a REAL Man, and I want to look sexy for HIM!”

And as I painted those toes, I was reminded of just how ardous a task it can be when done right, and (as always) I had a new found respect for ladies working at the salons etc.

She inspected her nails.

They (finally) looked great!

And so it went in my mind.

Ass worship. Staring at her turds after she went, much like with Perfect Mistress Dana (another missed femdom opportunity).

And a gigantic hard on to boot, and if there was anything this sissy wanted for then, it was to CUM, but sissy style while sucking on a cock and someone was banging his (her) ass!

And so it goes.

I SO LOVE femdom!

Best ,

Mike Watson

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