Madam, please kick me in the BALLS!

So, I’ve been having thoughts . . . and just right as of now, I’ve been having thoughts of and WANTING a superior woman to bust me in the balls.

Preferably with boots! ?

Black boots, purple boots, any boots, and preferably a dick up my ass as well, or the closest equivalent.

Now, a couple of days ago I watched a low budget flick and the ladies in that flick were just drop dead GORGEOUS.

You know, the typical “low budget thriller” (set in the American countryside; isn’t it strange how many movies are being set there these days? All happens for a REASON!) where some bozos run after pretty girls trying to do their version of “cut me up”.

But these weren’t just any pretty girls.

These girls were GORGEOUS and YOUNG, in every way possible! Right from the perfectly manicured fingernails (painted BRIGHT RED, Madam!!) to the BOOTS (for some reason the entire movie was with them in boots and jeans), and the one foot shot that WAS there was not alluring at all, and of course, extremely “bodacious” as well.

And there was an older lady, probably around 60 or so bathed in makeup as well. Truth be told, I’d lick her heels clean too if she commanded me too, and as she literally KICKED a man in the ass to “go do it now!” (a loser brother of hers), it just turned me on so much.

Not to mention the middle finger one of the girls gave during the movie . . . that bright red finger standing out so well!

Those CONFIDENT eyes, that sexy demanor . . . !!

And most of all, the boot kicks!

Girl #1 kicked a dude in the head repeatedly (he was clinging on to her feet to avoid falling off a cliff) – on the TOP of the head.

“I’ve had enough of this shit!” (she didn’t say “boy!” but she might as well have, as the third kick sent him plunging to his death).

And as a creepy old man shows up apparently enjoying the “light” kick to the nuts one of the girls gave him for daring to touch her (grope her) . . . she is just DISGUSTED, and the disgust on her face turned me on a lot!

Truly two or three I should say dominant women int hat movie! Let me know if you want the name, and I’ll pass it along.

And she whacked the old geezer one in the face with the butt of her gun who then promptly burst into tears.

Low budget. Don’t ask hehe.

Last night, my SO was playfully trying to “kick me” with the sole of her foot, that lovely sexy sole with lotion recently applied visible on it . . .

(no prizes for guessing “whodunit!”).

And I gotta say this.

The only thing I want right now is for a lady to smash me in the balls, and HARD!

Well, not THAT hard, but the sheer VISUAL of it is what gets me off.

As well as the humiliation, and the man dropping down to his knees, when (preferably) another lady kicks me straight in the ass, or perhaps to the nuts again!

Male nuts truly ARE there to be KICKED and pounded and punched, boy – unless you’re a stud, of course!

Anyway, I’ll have more on this later. For now, you can gorge yourself on some of the “extreme” femdom we have right here – Chinese femdom – and right HERE (boy, that toilet servitude was something else!) – Indian femdom.

I’ll be back soon with more!


Mike Watson

PS – and on boots – sometimes I so love ‘em! The ONE thing I wanted to do during the movie is to polish, worship and otherwise serve these gorgeous femme fatales, and NOT with boots off – with them on with my tongue right there for, . . . ah, but you know what I mean! ?

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