You black, dirty slave . . .


There was an aspect to the gorgeous Madam Ann and my relationship that I have NOT covered before in these emails, and want to do so now!

It is truly one of the most racially (and otherwise!) charged fetishes out there; RACIAL humiliation, and be warned; it’s intense! ?

My book on “Her Brown Slut” details a bit on racial humiliation and the “mental aspect” behind a white (and gorgeous) British lady dominating an Indian “friend” of hers (well, he started out as a friend! ?) and both parties immensely enjoying it.

And I’ve detailed (in the book) the THOUGHT processes that go into racial humiliation . . .

. . . and this holds true for all races!

I don’t care if its Han Chinese ladies (most of them I’ve been with ARE Han Chinese) that claim their race is superior (that is actually something they do say in mainland China and is certainly NOT something I agree with!) and then including that in “play”, only with willing partners of course! ?

Or black ladies enslaving white men . . . or White men enslaving black girls, or Chinese, or Indian . . .

Or, as in my case, the first!

As Madam would put her feet up and stare at me (after “beating my ass with a stick” as I believe I wrote about!) (it’s a pity she didn’t penetrate me with that stick, hehe) in an arrogant, imperious and “fuck you” manner . . . she’d often spit at me.

Laugh at me.

Lick it up, BOY!

Worship the BOTTOM of my FEET, BOY!

And ass worship, of course . . . and licking HER!

You’ll remember she didn’t mind giving me the odd blowjob, but ODD is the keyword there. Hehe. And most of the time she’d just flick it once, ruin my orgasm, and send me off to the kitchen to work on her honey jars.

Yes, Madam has a busines where she sells honey. Guess who works for her, and who pockets the cash, both from my business and hers! ?

Women truly are Queens . . .

And she’d often say this.

In the beginning, it was a bit hesitant . . .

“Dark skinned boy!” was how it started out.

“Yes, Madam! A Chinese Queen and her foreign, DARK skinned slave”, I’d say, emphasizing the dark and my dick emphasizing it too!

Mainland China is huge on skin color and tone for those that don’t know. Everything boils down to skin color in China, and the historic perception of “dark skinned folks being inferior to lighter skinned folks” has NOT quite gone away . . .

And she’d get more and more confident with time.

“You black skinned bitch!”, she’d often laugh at me. “Skin the color of shit!”

And more . . .

And I’d grovel all the more before her, and proclaim her to be a Goddess with lovely, smooth, FAIR skin . . .

As she deserves, and as the lovely Angela deserved in “Her Brown Slut” . . .

They all do, and I love racial humiliation – it’s a pet “like” of mine, IF done right! ?

What about you?


Mike Watson

P.S. – For more such tales of interracial femdom, check out THESE stories –  and


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