Madam just fell asleep . . .

Just saw the sexiest thing ever, and had to write to you about it!

My S.O. just returned home after shopping . . . and it’s HOT in this part of the world, just so you know!

Madam was wearing a white T-shirt and pink shorts.

Right now, she’s lying on her side on the bed . . . her lovely SOLES staring at me – or staring me right in the face, with that slightly SWEATY look to them (the traveled look which every real foot fetishist dreams about!).

That musty smell from her clogs . . .

And it was all I could not do to bend down and start pressing her feet as Madam, tired of her exertions, called me out with an imperious “flick of the finger” (she thinks it’s normal to do that, but its so deliciously dominant – think someone “crooking a finger” at you) . .. to CARRY the stuff back into the house . . . and then flopped straight down on the bed.

“I’m going straight to bed, boy!” she announced.

And so she should.

She’s exhausted, from buying groceries and shopping, hehe, and if that sounds strange, well it shouldn’t – these Queens don’t have to do much at all to get exhausted.

In fact I should be kissing her feet and saying thank you just because of HER going to shop . . . ?

And as I stare at her soles, I’m reminded of what Madam Susan taught me all those years ago.

Talk to her soles, boy! Get to know them better than you know yourself!

And right now, the soles are tired. Exhausted. They need a massage, and perhaps her hot, sweaty ass needs licking too.

I don’t know, but that’s what the soles are telling me . . .

And for those of you into femdom – if there is any bigger turn on than this sort of thing I’m yet to see what it is, hehe.

So in closing (and today’s one will be short as I gotta go press Madam’s feet) – press her feet and serve her the minute she gets home, BOY!

Madam Pearl made me do it so well.

She’s often send me messages on the phone saying

“I’m coming home, boy! Prepare my foot bath for me, and have dinner ready!”

And I’d run out replying to her while I was cooking – and doing the foot bath – and washing my hands repeatedly, and though I can multitask fairly well in other regards, THIS type of multi tasking has always proved problemactic, hehe.

And that’s that for now. Stay tuned for future updates on how I was once made to massage two sets of feet at a time . .. and punished accordingly when I couldn’t, hehe.

I’m coming, Goddess! I know, my duty awaits! ?


Mike Watson

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