The White Tiger, “Priyanka Chopra”, and more …

Bollywood (no, yours truly is NOT a fan) seems to be awash with a new movie “the White Tiger”.

Apparently modeled on an award winning book “The White Tiger” by …um, I can’t remember. A friend sent me the book years ago, and I read it. Pretty good, but nothing outstanding, but hey.

The book’s got several awards, so who am I to say anything. Hehe.

But, books usually always are BETTER than the movies that end up “coming out of them”.

Case in point being Jurassic Park, and the series of movies that followed. To me, nothing compared to the original and other BOOKS written by Crichton (I believe?).

Anyway, the white Tiger is, curiously enough or not, about a servant in India and all the indignities he suffers and (seemingly) puts up with before an “amalgamation of circumstances” improve his station in life. Big time!

I haven’t seen the movie, and likely won’t.

But one still from the movie is what caught my eye.

His “Master” and believe me, it’s nothing sexual! Was sitting there, comfortable, relaxed, sipping on whiskey (I believe) with two other men looking on, as the servant “pressed his legs” over an dover again (or at least thats what the book said).

And receieved smacks to the head for doing a job well.

“The water’s gotten cold, boy!”


This is an adult we’re talking about mind you …

And to be honest, none of this is anything new to the subcontinent, and (it’s sad, but hey, it is what it is) I’ve written about it before too.

The movie “Anmol”.

The pakistani Goddess! My oh my, what a GODDESS that lady was!

The older Pakistani lady.

“Dafa ho ja!”

(Get lost!)

With a well aimed KICK at that …

But anyway, reason for me bringing it up here?

Well, years ago in 2012 I believe yours truly wrote that little and immensely well received (at least in the fetish world, hehe) “Serving an Indian Goddess”.

I was going to title the heroine “Jyoti”.

Mistress Jyoti.

Life does indeed come full circle sometimes, or perhaps most of the time!

But I didnt.

I used “Priyanka” for whatever reason (yes, I knew who the actress was back then, but that was about it. She was hot yes. But that could be said for many Indian women!).

My editor (I used to work with FDC back in the day) suggested a change from “Mistress” to “Ms”.

Which I made. Less extreme, but the books that followed?

Were anything BUT.

And today, as I sit here looking at the trailers for the movie (believe me, ole Watson does NOT watch movies for the most part – preferring to create his own REALITY) … I feel an odd sense of deja vu.

And I remember Jyoti, or Mistress Jyoti as I like to remember her, and that first night at her house, watching a movie while her brother was “away” or something.

Not that it would have mattered if he wasn’t, but hey … Privacy, and what not!

And of course, the VERY EXTREME Pooja Memsahib series, another great series and well received in certain quarters …

Life does come full circle, and that story (or quote) is mentioned in the Sequels to Serving an Indian Goddess too!

Anyway, I’m out.

But I had to say this!

And now that I have – back soon!


Mike Watson

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PS #2 – Right down to the way I served Ms. Life DOES indeed come full circle in UNEXPECTED ways! ;-0

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