My grandmother’s feet, and her rolls of FAT …

Today’s email will be CONTROVERSIAL … a lot more so than if I’d write about what I write regularly.

It may “get inside” some of your minds – – those reading this – – at a deep, subconscious level.

And it may actually RESONATE with some of you …

True femdom (or our sexual preferences in terms of BDSM usually come from things we saw at a very very young age – as opposed to what people believe about it being “wired into you”)

True, the wiring may happen when the subconscious mind is developing at a young age ( and indeed it never STOPS developing) … but the images and thoughts we feed a young, innocent and PLIABLE mind often stay with him or her the entire life, and manifest themselves in many interesting ways.

Some good, some bad. Some detrimental to your success – – at anything, femdom included!

Some not so much so …

And so forth. Is it any wonder that I talk so much about the importance of mental conditioning in my books?

And as Napelon Hill famously said in Think and Grow Rich … what man truly knows himself?

This wasn’t said from a BDSM perspective obviously (sorry, that was outwitting the Devil, actually), but it holds equally true in that regard.

Flashback to a young, young age, and I’d often see my grandmother who was suffering from diabetes lie on the bed in a pose I so often recommend, legs spread comfortably while the household “help” (servants, actually, being this is yet another flashback from the Indian subcontinent) … scurried about, obeying her… in theory, at least.

Practically speaking they did the exact opposite, hehe, but that’s not the point of me saying this.

The point is her feet.

Her lovely, broad OLD feet … the soles staring at me so invitingly, and even at that young, tender age, I don’t know why, but I felt something “build” inside of me.

We were naughty kids, or at least I was, and so was another cousin (yet another story I’ll get into later, if at all!) … and as we played, our Grandma would often scold us in a ringing baritone.

I don’t know if that had anything to do with it, but I remember wanting to “press her feet” as she lay there, but never did, of course.

I remember her saying (in my mind!) “Pa teepe de!!” (this is a “Bengali” expression yours truly picked up a young age – yes – I’ve truly traveled the WORLD, hehe – and being she was in what is now known as “Kolkata” (Calcutta back then) .. and being that Bengali was the local language …well!).

And that was one of the most enduring memories in my mind every time I’d visit there.

It may come across as scandalous to some, but again, how many of us have NOT thought about this sorta thing in terms of femdom?

Which man truly knows himself, and which woman truly knows HERSELF?

And on that sage note, I’ll let you be … by the way, Kolkata, and I don’t know if this is because of it’s close proximity to the mainland (China) is another mecca for you femdom lovers.

I’ve never been with a woman from there, but I’ve heard they’re UBER DOMINANT, and from the few I know in vanilla life, this seems to be true.

And this sort of thing displayed itself in all it’s “ugliness” in public life as well where rickshaw pullers would literally act as beasts of burden, pulling people along the road while they ran, with their overstuffed glutenous maximus of plenty “customers” comfortably reclining on the “seats” of the rickshaw sheltered from the weather and everything while the poor guys ran on the road, often barefoot!

Kept them in super shape though, I’ll say that!

And weirdly enough, even in this day and age, a lot of this goes on in the Indian mainland. Sad, but true!

And on that note – back to femdom and … ah, but wait.

We went there, didn’t we?


Mike Watson

P.S. – “Outwitting the Devil”, and “Think and Grow Rich” are both MUST reads, and while both will cause a lot of self introspection, the first will do so MORE!

P.S #2 – And if you love the mental side of BDSM – and femdom, and if you’re truly into it, you SHOULD – well – then my Chinese femdom COMPILATIONS (truly value for $) are RIGHT up your alley. Grab them right here – –

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