Miss Summer’s pink slippers

Today’s post is one I’ve been meaning to write about for a long, long time and one that brings back fond and very recent memories as well.

Of my last neighbor, no less – – hehe.

NO, I’m NOT talking about the glorious, imperious and GORGEOUS Miss V, her of the beauty salon right next door, and pile (gaggle, actually!) of ladies shoes right outside my apartment, something that I just had to take a look at every time I walked past, hehe.

This is about Miss Summer, my next door neighbor, a gorgeously DOMINANT and middle aged Chinese lady originally from Northern China, but in “my neck of the woods” for years as it were.

And I should probably write a book on her too, hehe. In fact she is (in her own words!) looking forward to “Miss Summer’s pink slippers”, and while I haven’t quite managed to “break the ice” (or should I say get the ball rolling, hehe) on that one, lets first start with a blog post on it!

So one fine day, I was returning home from my workout.

It was around 11 AM or so in March, and before this I was doing what I normally do NOT do, that being to work out later on in the day for whatever reason – – something that doesn’t really suit me – – and I switched back to the A.M’s that fine Saturday morning (actually, it was muggy, but anything that reminds me of Summer is gorgeous and fine, to be honest!).

And as I clambered up the steps after my workout to my apartment on the 5th floor, I saw a petite and attractive looking lady opening the door next door. Until that point, for whatever reason, we had NOT met …

And as I saw her, our eyes matched, and I felt something. Not quite domination, but I felt IT – it was there – – albeit not so DIRECTLY communicated with some other ladies as I’ve met, but now that I think of it – – it was there. Oh yes, it was!

“Hello!”, she said.

“Oh, hi!” I responded, smiling at her. She WAS indeed attractive, I noticed, and she had small petite feet, the toes painted a shade of red, the fingernails at that point NOT painted …

“Are you a teacher?” she asked me out of the blue.

Now, the question didn’t quite stump me. Us foreign devils are often thought of as just teachers, and nothing more. Madam wasn’t to know, of course, of my hatred of teaching English in China (well, I should say dislike – not “hate” – that’s too strong a word) – and while the normal question is “whats your job” to which I reply with “why”, Miss Summer asked in a different manner..

… in a very cool and assured manner, and I grinned back.

“Just sometimes, but not really for the most part. Why?”

Well, turned out she needed an English teacher for a Sunday class, and turned out the pay was good so I accepted it (pretty much because she was my neighbor, not so much the pay).

And as I took her WeChat, and added her, I noticed it.

Something that I had noticed for a while, but hadn’t really paid attention to – – a pair of cute little pink flip flops – – with a nice little simple PATTERN on them!

Almost like Goddess or should I say, Ms, hehe Priyanka’s flip flops all those years ago, right down to the SIZE, and the petite nature of the lady … almost like this was a Chinese version of Ms. Priyanka, who UI haven’t seen for donkey’s years now.

Life does indeed bring us full circle. As Steve Jobs once said, and as I noted in the beginning of the sequels to the immensely popular Indian Goddess series, “You can’t connect the dots looking ahead. You can only connect ‘em looking backwards!”

Sage indeed, and as I taught my first class for the lady, and she paid it, I thanked her.

“Thank you, Madam!” I think I said.

And she smiled at me.

“You can call me Summer!”

And then she continued, pointing at her colleague.

“This is Madam … “ she went. “But you can call me Miss Summer” , she said, and so knowing was the look in her eye, so PIERCING the stare, and so ATTRACTIVE was she that I found myself nodding knowingly as well.

“OF course! Madam is always young!” I said, doing my version of a giggle.

And from then on, those pink slippers have always been in my mind, even when she bought new ones a few months later, and supposedly gave the old ones to her 14 year old daughter.

Sometimes they’re kicked over casually. Sometimes they’re gathering dust outside the shoe rack, and it was all I could do to stop from cleaning them off …

… and thinking about those lovely, petite FEET that wore them, or that USED to wear them ….

And while I’ve often thought about asking Miss Summer to sell me the slippers, I haven’t really had the guts to do it as yet.

More to the point, with her, it’s business as well as friendship, and it’s never a good idea to mix biz with pleasure, or is it?

Well, it happens on occasion – – such as it did with the ravishing Princess Krystal, who literally “had” me the first day (afternoon) I walked into Happy Giraffe!!

That’s an email for another time, but in case you can’t wait – – fret NOT – – the entire tale, and then some is detailed in first THREE books – and then TWO sequels. Or the other way around, perhaps. Hehe.

Whatever it is – you’ll want to get your hands on this series ASAP. Do so right here, my friend.

And that’s that for now. I’ll keep you well and truly posted on how it goes with “Miss Summer’s pink slippers”, hehe!


Mike Watson

P.S. – We are no longer neighbors, but I do miss seeing her. I do miss those pink slippers, and that cool, confident knowing demeanor. The helpful nature. That lovely curly black hair. Those lovely eyes. I could go on and on here, of course!

P.S #2 – Oh, and I mentioned the Indian Goddess series up there, did I not? Here is where you can grab THAT series – another must read – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom/serving-an-indian-goddess/

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