Serving an Indian Goddess

Dear Reader,

Last night before lopping off to bed at an advanced hour, I had the loveliest fantasy – or perhaps it was a dream?

Actually, it was probably more of a “dream-cum-fantasy” – as I was in that beautiful space between deep sleep and wakefulness – – and my subconscious was throwing thoughts and images at me freely.

And amidst other goals and images, one image that stood out strongly was about a lady I wrote about yesterday – that being the lovely and oh-so-dominant (indirectly so, which makes it better!) Princess Simi.

Along with her, several others Indian Goddesses floated into my mind – one being the Indian Goddess I keep seeing in the park (but haven’t seen for the past few days).

The other being the lovely lady I referred to in my last post – the one that was almost a look alike of the regal Princess Simi, who to be honest could take the place of Goddess Priyanka in the “Serving an Indian Goddess” series without batting an eyelid!

Anyway, so there she was, waking up in the morning, in a lovely white bathrobe, the face cool, calm and refreshed in the early morning – after a night of sleep – and after being massaged for hours as she slept by a willing servant.

The servant slunk off in the middle of the night to get some rest while Princess Simi slept comfortably, oblivious to everything else, the A/C buzzing along merrily in the background – just as she likes.

And the first thing she did in my image was to relax comfortably in an ottoman, with her lovely legs up on a table, as I brought her coffee and a morning news paper to her with bowed head and hushed steps – the Goddess doesn’t like noise in the mornings! – and walked away, head bowed as she barely acknowledged me.

I didn’t walk “away”, actually. I walked towards her feet – which I started massaging as she opened her newspaper and started to read as if it was the most natural thing for her to have slaves at her feet massaging her like a Queen as she enjoyed her morning coffee and the newspaper!

And for her – it probably is – – and should be!  😉 

And as I massaged, all I could see were her feet – and the news paper – until the phone  buzzed.

She looked at it, lowered the newspaper, and flicked a forefinger at me dismissively in only a manner a real Queen can, looking at me meaningfully as she did so.

Out with you, boy!

The words were not uttered, but they might well have been!

Anyway, this scenario played itself over and over again in different forms – and with different “supporting casts” as well – those having been mentioned above, although all of those ladies deserve a story unto themselves as well!

Now, why am I writing about this?

Why am I telling you this?

Why HAVE I written about it extensively – in the “Indian Goddess” series?

Well, simple. Because the best scenes – and fantasies are those that, as I love to say over and over again – are reality mixed in with the right dash of creative license – – and fantasies that you CAN actually incorporate into your REAL life as well!

Think about what I said above – if it’s turn on – how difficult would it be to incorporate it into your daily life – and build from there?

Not very hard at all assuming both parties are willing – – and believe me – – if you do JUST THIS – – and nothing else or nothing much else at all for your lady – – and do it regularly for 21 days or so, you’ll be further along the path to femdom than you ever could while “consciously trying”.

Believe me now, and trust me later – ’tis true – and it’s a free tip I’m giving you that you can incorporate into your play – and SHOULD incorporate into your real life as well if you’re serious about femdom!

Other such equally useful tips are mentioned in my pathbreaking “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“.

Although I wrote the manual with Chinese ladies in mind, the truth is it works just as well for ladies anywhere. Grab your copy now, and start incorporating what has been written in the course – – and watch your femdom desires manifest into reality before your very eyes!

Alright, my friend. Thats it for now – I’ll be back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – You know what the best part about the scenario above was? The sheer HUMILIATION involved … and if that is something that turns you on (and it probably does, if you’re at this page!) then THIS little gem of a manual is a must have for you – – Humiliation Central – 25 ways to truly humiliate him and have him GROVELING for MORE … 

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