Doggie boy training

So I just got done with a great workout outdoors – – and it being winter in this neck of the woods (or close to it, anyway – it doesn’t seem like it during the day though!) – – it gets dark earlier than usual.

And that is fine for me – especially when I’m working out outdoors.

As I’ve mentioned in my books plenty of times, I’m NOT the sort of person that enjoys being disturbed while working out – and some of the more “extreme” workouts I partake of that keep in great shape and give me all that testosterone to keep writing the stuff I do 😉 … and to keep my hormones RAGING do cause people to stop and stare, and comment etc.

I’d rather work out undisturbed, and the dark allows me to do so – as well as concentrate and THINK during the workout in terms of goals – both femdom related and otherwise!

Now, I’ve mentioned I keep attracting woman of a dominant nature to me without consciously trying (vibes, vibes, and more vibes!) – – and tonight was no exception as I saw a rather “loud” middle aged lady clad in a blue dress pulling a rather naughty dog along with her. 

She was taking the dog for a brief outing in the park, and my dick twitched to life in the moonlight as I could see the outline of her lovely legs – and the faintish gleam of red on those lovely toes of hers – long, beautiful and BROAD feet that were clad in flip flops.

I have mentioned before that it’s very hard for me to get distracted during my workout – but if there’s one thing that manages to capture my attention, albeit briefly, it is that!

And I don’t think I need to tell you the other reason for the hard on, do I?

The dog was on a leash – – and this brought back memories – – many pleasant memories of ME being leashed as well in a past “life” to a lovely Chinese lady.

Her name started with S, and ends with A, and has a Madam in front of it – and you’re right – its the indomitable Sophia Bai I’m referring to here!

Now back to being leashed – this is a great, great way to humiliate a man – – and one I haven’t mentioned in Humiliation Central. At least not in this Volume – – but it’s sure food for thought for future installments of the same book!

Being forced to eat – drink – and even urinate like a dog while leashed – and completely naked is one of the most humiliating things that one can do to a man, and anyone that’s ever been in that position knows exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s a position that is especially good for foot fetishists such as us – as you are constantly staring at her feet, and nothing else!

In fact, you might just get to know her feet better than HER — and talk to her FEET instead of her – – because you don’t deserve it 😉 — and that is precisely what happened with Ms. Priyanka, the lovely Indian Goddess, and Madam Carrie, the bodacious and ever so sexy Chinese housing agent I had the (mis?!) fortune to meet, and many, many more!

Oh, and Madam Krystal as well – – where I was specifically trained to talk to the feet and soles, and refer to THEM rather than the lady herself!

Back to being leashed – this lends itself very well to public humiliation too, and THAT theme is something I do mention – in Humiliation Central as well as many of my books – the Empress Cody series being one of them.

And it isn’t just me mentioning it either. There was a case in China a couple of years ago in Fuzhou where a woman wearing high heels (and otherwise normal attire) actually took a man out on a leash on a busy street, and caused quite a stir!

He was fully clothed, but he was certainly a “dog” at that point in time as the pictures show – – and while the reason for her doing it is unknown, I’d bet you anything it was “play” of a certain nature going on.

That was probably one lucky guy if I might say so!

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. I’ll be back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you haven’t already, grab your copy of Humiliation Central right HERE – – – you’ll love it!

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