Remembering Madam Krystal!

Dear Reader,

Those that are in any way, shape or form familiar with the “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant” series will remember the first thing that stood out in class (ah, those were the days, when I was the teacher and she was … but in retrospect, I’d rather have it the way it is now, and ah … you get the drift! ;)) – was Krystal’s inability to either hear or pronounce the name “Michael”, along with the raucous roars of laughter that broke out in class when that happened.

I don’t know if it was the age group I was teaching back then, but to them the sight of a Chinese teacher not being able to pronounce a foreign devil’s name correctly – even if it’s a name as simple as Michael – was hilarious, and they showed it as well.

I still remember the guffaws resounding around the room then – – and I still remember that icy cold look she gave me out of the corner of her eye, a harbinger of things to come indeed – especially with her “equally cold” if not more “partner in crime”.

My balls STILL shrivel up at the merest HINT of cold – let me just stop at that, and those that have read the Krystal series know what I’m referring to!

And today, as I was headed on my way to buy groceries, who do I see?

Well, a lovely leggy lass in a white dress – a one piece dress, with those lovely bare legs showed off to FULL effect, and while I’m not sure if she was Chinese or not (I am not currently in China at this point), she sure did look like Krystal incarnate right in front of me – right down to those leather footwear of hers (remember, the stinky ones?!).

Believe me now and trust me later, it literally seemed like I was back in class – except this time I was BEHIND the lady, of course.

And as she finished her conversation on the phone, and went on her merry way, I crossed the road – and I saw her LOOKING back at me – and the first look was one of “ok, another stranger”, but then … I don’t know if it was the vibes, or what it was,  but the lips curled just that teeny weeny bit, that knowing spark came into her eyes – – and the scorn almost FLEW off her face.

As in “Yes, you little bitch – I do know what you want!”

And if she had asked, I’d probably bend down and kiss her feet right here in public … regardless of what others would say!

Of course, I’m a humiliation aficionado as you might imagine – mental more than physical, and I’d enjoy it in a way – – and thats precisely why I’ve included a tip along those lines in Humiliation Central – 25 ways to truly humiliate your man – and have him begging for MORE!

Princess Joanie made me buy her gifts, and then kiss her feet as I was going to give her those gifts, and thats precisely why she features on the cover of “Humiliation Central”!. 

Empress Cody revelled in public humiliation as well, as you can see from the Empress Cody series!

And other than the fact that we do indeed manifest what we truly desire at our cores – the other thing I want to tell you is everything I’ve written in ALL my manuals – – and books, for that matter – – comes from real experience – – so you can bet your bottom dollar it’s worth every penny and more you fork out for it.

Believe me now and trust me later, I’d gladly – even now – pay hundreds of dollars to experience the exquisite pleasures of ruined orgasms the way only a lady that’s been there and done that can administer.

Ditto for humiliation – – or even finding the right DOMINANT lady of my dreams.

You can’t beat experience in ANY field, my friend – and femdom is even less of an exception to this rule than any other field might be – and they’re not!

OK, my friend. That’s it for today. I’ll be back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you’re looking to add to your sex life REGARDLESS of whether or not you’re into femdom or not – – then my Ruined Orgasms course would be a great, great starter. Believe me, if you’re a man, it’ll add ZING to your life like never before if done right! Here is where you can grab this little course – tips borne of sheer EXPERIENCE as it were – –

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