Ruined Orgasm x 2!

Dear Reader,

Something that has formed the baseline of many a fantasy of mine – as well as REAL life “scenes” and experiences is this – two lovely, gorgeous, and oh-so-deliciously DOMINANT Chinese ladies with  me … with me either at their feet, or submitting to some form of exquisite mental/physical degradation.

One’s more than enough to handle, to be honest – but two just takes it to another level if you get my drift!

In the “Indian Goddess” series I talk about how not one, not two – but THREE ladies make Watson squeal “moo” galore, and enjoy milking that cow for all it’s worth!

Ditto for the “Madam Carrie” series and others – but the very best scenes in my opinion have always been with TWO ladies, not more.

I don’t know why, but anymore than two makes it harder to concentrate on each lady – – and her unique brand of domination – – and yes, she deserves your utmost concentration if it’s going to work right!

Sure, I’ve seen videos featuring more than two ladies that do the trick too – most recently one being that of a male “dog” being “milked” by three gorgeous young Chinese ladies, all giggling away at the “customer” – but more often than not, I’ve found that TWO is the best combo, my friend.

Now, if you’re currently struggling in terms of finding ONE dominant lady to worship as a Queen – let alone two – and let alone two at a time – I understand, my friend.

I truly do understand – and that is exactly why I’ve put out the “Complete Guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – a course that is gaining some serious, serious momentum as we speak, my friend.

Grab it now – and once you ease into that course, you’ll want to grab the manual on ruined orgasms as well to understand just how powerful this little trick is in her humiliation toolkit – and how YOU, the subservient male can use it to not only enhances your submissive vibe all that more – but also be projected into a whole new Universe of creativity, productivity and ENERGY galore!

And of course, we’re just talking about being with one lady here.

If she so chooses to bring a partner in “crime” over to experiment on you – so much the better. I’ve been teased mercilessly at times by two Chinese ladies as well – – and on every occasion it’s been an unforgettable experience – especially when the ladies were getting PAID to massage me – but did anything but! 😉

If anything, I ended up massaging them and paying for it – and thats how it should be, as Princess Joanies would rightly say! 😉

Anyway, thats it for now. I’m back to deciphering the dream I had last night which involved a lady I met last year with toes painted an exquisite shade of silver …


Mike Watson

P.S. – I mentioned ruined orgasms up there, but I forgot to give you the link to it. Here it is right now – –

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