At her feet, at her mercy …

Dear Reader,

I’ve been having some particularly vivid dreams as of late, and most, if not ALL of them incorporate a female in some aspect or the other.

A couple of days I had a vivid and harrowing dream of being in a confrontation with a “strange woman” (with other identifying aspects I’m not going to get into) – – and daggers, darts, and arrows being thrown at me – – and while this isn’t a dream journal by far, lets just say that I ended up in some sort of a similar situation “at home” just a DAY later – – replete with VERBAL arrows and the like.

I’ve often spoken about the subconscious in terms of VIBES in all my writings – books and manuals included, and as I’ve said, and continue to say, there is a very real vibe emanating from all of us – – which comes straight from the subconscious.

And until and unless we acknowledge the part of us that is the subconscious, we’ll always be “tearing away at ourselves until we come full circle – to terms with who we REALLY are” to a degree as I’ve quoted in “Serving an Indian Goddess – the Sequel“.

I’ve used this above line galore in all my writings, and it has a very significant portent.

Anyway, females have been showing up in my dreams GALORE over the last few weeks – or even months!

I had this dream where Jodie Foster, dressed completely in white was sitting next to me – – helping me fill out, of all things a bank application! Where from this actress showed up in my dreams I have NO idea – I just know she was dressed completely in white – which is always a good thing.

I’ve been having dreams of ladies driving me around. Of ladies being offered – of all things – bread (though don’t discount the spiritual significance of bread), and out of curiosity, I decided to research further.

WHO are all these women the subconscious potrays to me in all their various guises, shapes and form?

WHAT do the scenarios mean – and HOW do they fit into a blog such as this one?

Well, the answer is blindingly simple as it often turn out to be and I’ve found it now – the subconscious is many things, but primarily CREATIVE in nature – – and is, as you no doubt know what controls the way we act, live, “think” – and indeed, the material aspects of our outward life.

And it is FEMININE in nature – – overpoweringly so.

We can try to get away from this side of us – – such as males, for instance that have homosexual encounters that turn ’em on – but are afraid to admit it!

In either Humiliation Central or “15 ways to give him a ruined orgasm” (I cannot remember which) I wrote about how it was perfectly acceptable (well, sort of!) for a female to have lovers – or for a female to call herself a lesbian – but have a guy do the same openly, and watch out for the social stigma shortly thereafter – initiated, curiously enough by guys themselves.

I was once, many years ago in a similar situation when I had a homosexual experience – one of many – and something I immensely enjoy given the right “cock”!

This theme has made it’s way into my books and writings. Starting with “Meeting Ms. Chen“, and ending (for now!) quite appropriately with the “humpie, boy!” theme in Empress Cody, and many in between …

Those homosexual experiences aren’t just sexual. They’re a part of you that is normally repressed by most men – but is yet THERE.

It’s always there, and its yet another reason the “alpha males” out there are usually the biggest cucks and “submissives” in the bedroom – – because they’re SMART enough — and “alpha enough” to recognize that submission to one’s feminine side, and indeed, the right dominant lady can only be a good thing!

And if there’s one thing to takeaway from today’s post –if you’re a guy-  it is this – get in touch with your feminine side – either creatively – or fetish wise – and preferably a blend of both. 

Be at your subconscious’s “mercy” – always at her beck and call! 

You’ll never be disappointed – I guarantee you that, and if you’re a lady, well, embrace your femininity all that much more.

There’s plenty of pressure on ALL of us – males and females included in terms of achievements, material wants, accomplishments – in short, the FIRE part of all of us which is male – but the REAL driving force behind any of this fire is FEMALE.

Creativity spreads much like a bushfire would, but it cannot quite be “put out” the same way a hose of water can lay waste to a raging fire! 

And on that note, it’s adios for now. More later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Sometimes, a little humiliation mixed in with the right amount of cock sucking can be a great, great way of opening up your “giving” or feminine side. Find out more here – –

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