Keeping your mind “off of” jerking off – when locked up!

Dear Reader,

Was a wonderfully spicy morning for me today! Though I went to bed late last night (one of the perks of being a “work from home” author and entrepreneur) and probably ate way more than I should have, way later than I should have – all good.

Woke up around 7’ish this morning, but was feeling somewhat tired and in a bit of a “sleep in mood” (yes, on Monday morning!) – so did that – and as soon as I dozed off, I had erotic dreams aplenty.

Dreams that kept waking me up – and kept me HARD for the duration of my sleep, and though you might think that resulted in disturbed sleep (which it did) – in a way it made the extra time of repose even more enjoyable!

Princess Yvonne featured mostly in the dreams, but another lovely lady I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in the past “Joanie” did as well.

More on them later, but when I woke up, I saw a Twitter DM from the guy I’ve been referencing in past emails. The dude whose locked up, and was new to it – and though it’s all proceeding swimmingly well overall, he’s having more than a few moments of frustration (which is perfectly normal when starting out).

On that note, lets take a look at his question today –

What do you do to keep your mind of wanting to jerk off after a long period of time without doing it? 

I figured I’d share the answer to this question in my daily email today – – so here it is!

It’s impossible to keep your mind off it! The more you’re locked up – the more you’ll want it – and the more your submissive side will come out (albeit along with a few “frustrated” moments haha which is already happening from the looks of it). Either way, thats why she’s got you locked up! 

Being locked up is GREAT if you truly do want to submit. It’s one of the 25 points in the manual I did up on it as well, haha! 

And so it is, my friend. So it is!

As I’ve just said – the entire point of being locked up (well, one of them, anyway) is to MAKE you hornier – but DENY you release – and why?

The more the average male stays locked and chaste, the more his submissive side comes out, and the more “pliable” he gets to the Domina’s requirements and needs.

It may sound frustrating as heck, and it IS (especially if you’re used to jerking off a lot) – but those that have been in chastity a while will notice not just the above occuring – but MANY other positive side effects, one of these being increase productivity and far more energy – not to mention more sexual magnetism as well if that makes sense.

Heavy stuff, as the dude above would say, but all true – but for now – bear in mind that I have not even been working out hard and heavy as I normally do for the past couple of days – and I’m STILL horny as heck.

I said before that my workouts (short, intense routines I follow that keep me in great shape) impart the extra “T” to my system – and they do – but staying chaste does far more of it mentally than working out ever could.

Combine the two and you’ve literally got a winner!

As for how I deal with a perennially hard cock – which is usually NOT locked? Well, there are ways – and edging is one – but thats another topic for another email!

Ok – so I’m out for now. Gonna enjoy Monday morning here, and I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you enjoyed what I’ve said above, here is where you can peruse more of my writings (all in the same spicy vein!)  – There’s really no force on Earth like a truly dominant Chinese lady – and that’s a fact, hehe.

P.S. #2 – Embrace the frustration – – and ENJOY IT!

P.P.S – And if you’re looking to add femdom into your life – but somehow not quite succeeding – and/or need pro help on this (believe me, many couples DO) – well, shoot me an email ([email protected]) and we’ll go from there!

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